Sunday 11 April 2021

Chalkhill Community Growers ready for Spring planting and sowing thanks to Metropolitan Housing and Pinnacle

Gardeners at the Chalkhill Community Allotments beside the Metropolitan Line on Chalkhill Estate are delighted at works being undertaken by Metropolitian Housing Thames Valler who manage the estate and their maintenance team Pinnacle.

The allotments have been in existence for a number of years but were limited to some extent by the fact that the growing beds were made out of builders' bags that dried out quickly, limited the numbers of worms in the soil,  and collapsed without support.

Using rescued  decking Pinnacle have been constructing raised beds to replace the bags and compost has been provided.  At the same time the maintenace team have removed rubbish, cut the grass and cut back brambles and other vegetation.

The Chalkhill Community Growers* that now include the Lounge Cafe,  Daniel's Den and Chalkhill Primary School are very pleased with the results.


Before - the sack beds with one wooden experimental raised bed


Raised beds under construction (Photo: Amanda Rose)


After - this bed has wheelchair access

* Declaration of interest: I am chair of Chalkhill Comunity Growers Group

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