Friday 9 April 2021

Please support campaigners' vision for the Welsh Harp


A group of campaigners for the Welsh Harp (Brent Reservoir)  have published a 15 point vision for its future. There has been a problem with littering around the Welsh Harp for a long time   but the recent lowering of the waterline, so that dam repairs could take place,  have revealed what was in the water itself. A truly shocking revelation.


Only one metre below the surface. Debris and contaminated alluvium build-up on the protected East Marsh, revealed during lowering of water levels, January 2021
© Ben Watt


The vision for the 170 acres of the area and its Site of Special Scientic Interest would require the Canal and River Trust (owners of the reservoir and shoreline), Brent and Barnet Councils (owners of the open areas), Environment Agency (overseers of the two inflowing rivers and the reservoir's flood control function, and Natural England (who advise on environmental issues and adjudicate on SSSI status), to work together. 


That is a tall order but if anyone can achieve that it will be this band of determined, hands on campaigners.


Please get behind them by reading the full vision, written by Ben Watt, and making your voice heard. LINK

We wish them well and ultimate success so that a healthy and thriving natural resource will be available for future generations to treasure.

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