Tuesday 6 April 2021

Brent Council to contribute infrastructure costs for next South Kilburn development phase to ensure viability

Today's Cabinet will be asked to approve procurement for the next phases of the South Kilburn regeneration project. It includes a plan for  Brent Council funding  (via Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy) of infrastructure to make the project more attractive to developers:

Within the NWCC project, there is a high level of affordable housing (54% by habitable room) which may have an impact on the overall viability of the scheme. 

Therefore,it is proposed,to make the procurement more attractive to potential developer partners, the Council will contribute to the infrastructure/public realm costs. The infrastructure and public realm costs relate to the external works,which include soft and hard landscaping, and infrastructure works including drainage, utilities and services (electricity, gas, water and telecoms). 

A cost plan was prepared by the Councils cost consultant, Deloittes. This proposed contribution will in turn support the overall viability of the scheme, which will lead to the Council receiving the desired quantum of affordable housing and envisaged outcomes and wider benefits.

The Councils Capital Investment Panel, in April 2020, supported £4.9mfrom the capital pipeline for infrastructure and public realm projects for the external works, from Strategic Community Infrastructure Levy funding.

The Council plans to dispose of some of ther sites on a long lease and say, 'there is potential capital receipts and future overage payments from the private units'.

The proposed rents for the affordable units managed by Brent Housing are set out:

 Of particular importance to existing tenants is the allocation  of the new housing:

The new affordable homes in NWCC and later developments are available to existing South Kilburn Council tenants currently living in properties due for demolition as part of the South Kilburn regeneration programme.

As with all schemes that are part of the South Kilburn regeneration programme, full consideration is and will continue to be given to residents and leaseholders with protected characteristics, particularly people with disabilities and / or other types of vulnerabilities due to older age, childcare and/or caring responsibilities, socio-economic status (single parents and large families). The Council will/has ensured that the options put forward to tenants and leaseholders provide reasonable and affordable alternatives that enable them to remain in the area and maintain their family and community ties, as per Article 1 of the First Protocol and Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. The re- housing team provides help to secure tenants through the moving process, additional support and services to those who require it.

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