Sunday 18 April 2021

£1000 available for Kensal to Kilburn community project ideas


Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn (TTKK) is inviting local residents to take part in a competition this spring. 



Our volunteer organisation has created three grants - one £500 grant and two £250 grants.



To enter the competition, participants need to fulfill the following criteria :


-       live in the Kensal to Kilburn area,

-       submit an idea for a community project that would benefit residents living in the area,

-       be ready to turn the project into action this year.



The projects submitted need to bring people together and protect the environment. The grants will finance the material costs of the successful bids.



TTTKK, a local volunteer group created in 2009 and advocating a transition to an environmentally friendly way of life, is particularly keen to get some young people enter the competition. One of the £250 grants will be allocated to a resident under 25 years old. 



However, the group is generally looking for new people of all ages and origins to create a more resilient local community in the face of climate change. 



Inject new energy into the group by submitting project ideas

Over the last decade, TTKK volunteers have made a positive impact in the Kensal to Kilburn area by setting up community gardens, harvesting fruit every summer, planting trees and organising regular electric and electronic repair events etc.



Some TTKK members have also created their own separate organisations to take their project further. For example, Brent Pure Energy is a community benefit society that has been funding solar panels for local schools since 2016. 



Fruit tree harvesting in Kilburn last summer




“As we are coming out of lockdown, we would like to inject some new energy into our group of dedicated volunteers”, says Janey McAllester, one of the fruit picking group leaders. “Making the most of our local community and environment has brought us a lot of satisfaction and joy. We want to create more opportunities for fellow residents to enjoy the benefits of a life deeply rooted in our local area”, adds Amandine Alexandre, another TTKK volunteer. 



People attend our online Zoom meeting on Thursday April 22nd at 7pm (link here) and by submitting their idea by email before Monday June 7th



Please apply with up to 100 words about your idea, yourself, the road you live in, how it would work, what help you would need or like and how long you think it will take for you to complete the project.



Projects that meet the criteria will be shortlisted by local people voting at a meeting on June 23rd in the evening and then Transition Town Kensal to Kilburn will select the three best projects. 




Restart party at The Library in Willesden in 2015



TTKK can help people find others interested in making their idea happen and help with advice. “We are happy to provide feedback and help develop and present the project”, underlines Michael Stuart, a founding member of TTKK. 


Expenses are reimbursed against receipts or we can pay for items directly so prize winners are not out of pocket. If your project costs less than the full amount the money will be reallocated to extra projects.  


Unfortunately, you can't apply if you are:


-       an organisation - individuals or small groups of individuals only please,

-       if your idea should be covered by statutory funding (as in health care and social care funded by the government and local authorities),

-       If you are promoting religion.


TTKK can be contacted via Michael Stuart. You can email him at:


You can visit our website here.



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