Tuesday 15 November 2022

349 student bedroom accommodation in 13,16 & 17 storey building in Wembley High Road likely to be approved tomorrow


The present buildings, Pitman House and Fairgate House, 390-402, 402-408 High Road Wembley

The replacement building

The plans for a massive student accommodation block to replace Pitman House and Fairgate House on Wembley High Road, comes to Plannning Committee tomorrow.

Thge plans are for a party 13, part 16 and part-17 storey buildng housing 349 student bedrooms and a range of communcal spaces, along with three commercial units at ground floor level. 

Following other high-rise buildings on the High Road this is consider acceptable by officers. The building would almost face the controversial Cecil Avenue/Copland site where Brent Council is proposing a high density 9 storey building and close to the 17 and 19 storey Wembley Link (416 - 44 High Road) and the 27-storey Twin Towers (Uncle building) that replaced Chesterfield House.

The mock-tudor shops wedged between will begin to look very much out of place.

 Figures indicate the number of storeys

The land behind the development, between it and the railway line, is also likely to be  developed as a continuation of the Wembley Link concept:

The planning application has attracted few comments and only two objections.That is quite surpising given its size and potential impact. The Brent Trees Officer regrets the loss of trees in the development and is pessimistic about the survival chances of new trees to be planted in a shaded space.

Student accommodation and its suitability for the area and any potential problems are not directly addressed but Officers have this to say about that aspect of the proposal:

…Student housing contributes to Brent’s housing targets, at a rate of 2.5 bedspaces to one conventional housing unit, and the provision of accommodation for 349 students would equate to 139.6 new homes, which would contribute towards the wider target of 650 dwellings within the whole of the site allocation. To date within the wider site allocation, planning permission has been secured for 256 homes within Wembley Link scheme (18/3111) and outline consent secured for 5000sqm of residential floorspace (upto 54 homes) within Ujima House (19/3092).

The accommodation would be secured by condition for occupation by full time students enrolled on UK accredited and based further education courses during term time (for not less than 39 weeks of the year). The remaining time, (outside term time,) the Council is content that the units may be rented out on short-term lets, perhaps assisting tourism within the summer vacation period. This will apply to all of the student rooms. The majority of the units (51% of bedrooms) would be provided through a nominations agreement with one or more higher education providers, through the s106 agreement. This demonstrates that the accommodation would meet a specific London need, in line with policy H15 of London Plan and policy BH7 of Brent’s Local Plan.

A draft student management plan has been submitted, setting out how the development would be managed through an on-site staff presence providing a point of contact for students but also for local residents who might be concerned about any incidents of anti-social behaviour. Management and maintenance of communal facilities, emergencies and security measures are also addressed. An updated document would be required as a condition prior to occupation, and would provide a dedicated contact for local residents.

Officers recommend approval of the application subject to conditions and a Section106 Plan.


Anonymous said...

The end of Wembley as a special place, becoming just a transient population that don't care about the area. Brent Labour's vision of success, loads of little boxes and no council tax to boot. I'm sure some foreign invester will make a fortune from it.

Paul Lorber said...

Is this latest Tower Blocks development helping to provide homes for Brent residents in need?
Where in the report does it say that all this extra student accommodation is needed for students attending Brent Universities and Colleges? OR is it simply replacement blocks for all the student accommodation being lost in Central London so that developers can build luxury homes that most people could not afford? Should not the Labour Mayor of London and Brent Labour Councillors tell us the truth.

Anonymous said...

It does seem that this Brent 'Lavour' Council hate their residents so much they are trying to drive them out. I seems even more obvious looking at next week's changes to Brent's Standing Orders in order that some Councillors (selected by the Leader) and Officers are going to be predetermining planning applications before they are even made.

We need new homes for our residents they say, so why yet more Student Accomodation?

We need more homes for the Council Tax they say, but Student Accomodation don't pay Council Tax.

Ah, but then there's the CIL, that could well be over £1.5 million, but Im not the expert. What will Brent spend that money on? Probably just waste it as usual or use it to facilitate yet more awful and unnecessary developments through subsidising their no longer affordable building projects as can be determined by reading the last Cabinet Report on Affordable House.

Poor Brent! Slough used to be the laughing stock, but it seems Brent want that title too.

Yes, Brent have built more bedspaces than any other Borough and changed its entire nature and desirability. To be fair, there are a lot of run down areas in Brent that reflect it being one of the most deprived areas of London, so parts of Brent do need sorting, but is this the solution, a concrete jungle with a massive transient population that Student Accomodation and Rentals, leaving Brent with no community spirit?

This is probably yet another Off Shore Investment which will deny yet more taxation from our Government making us poorer. Britain is becoming a body onto which leeches attach themseleves too more all the time.

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul Lorber.

Anonymous said...

Most likely the council officers recommending these plans for approval by the councillors on the planning committee don't live in Brent - they don't care about Brent and most of the councillors are only interested in their next photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

Brent Council and Councillors don’t care about the area. What they are doing is putting more stress on budgets as the service providers will have to service the student accommodations I E collect rubbish etc. what this means is the council tax payers will have to pay more to subsidise all who do not pay or are not required to pay the council tax. On top of all this Brent’s so called Leaders are planning to reduce the frequency of bin collections when more rubbish will be generated in the area.
Good plan to increase the rodent population and create the right atmosphere for disease to spread as the whole area will be overpopulated. Well done Brent not.

Anonymous said...

And we elected these pratts.

Anonymous said...

Less than 20% of Brent residents voted for them.

Philip Grant said...

Anonymous (19 November at 11.08) is right. But unfortunately, only 30% of Brent residents actually bothered to vote.