Monday 7 November 2022

Another blow for Brent Council's Newland Court in-fill scheme as Brent Transportation recommends 'resistance' to the plans

 Brent Transportation has submitted  comments that support the objections of local Newland Court and  Grendon Gardens residents over the effect of the application on parking. These are some key extracts:

'When coupled with future demand from the proposed houses, it is likely that 31-35 cars would seek parking within the estate. With only 12 spaces proposed, a considerable amount of parking would be displaced onto surrounding streets.'

'The only locations with reasonable parking capacity are Barn Rise and Grendon Gardens, but only limited stretches of these roads are within a 200m walk from the development. As such, there is considered to be insufficient spare on-street capacity to accommodate displaced car parking from this development.'

The conclusion is:

'RECOMMENDATIONS:- This proposal should be resisted as it stands, on the grounds that the development would add to on-street parking demand in an area that is unable to safely accommodate a significant amount parking, to the detriment of on-street parking conditions and contrary to Local Plan Policy BT2.'

This follows critical comments LINK by Julie Hughes, Brent Principal  Trees Officer that also

I have significant concerns relating to the impact that this development will have on protected trees…it is my belief that there will still be a significant amount of pressure on the Council to allow works to lop, top and fell trees which are currently protected by virtue of growing within the Conservation Area boundary, if the proposals go ahead as planned. The current spread of the trees is as would be expected for trees of this maturity, although it is likely that the Lime trees forming G4 and G6 will be re-pollarded at intervals. The construction of these dwellings in such close proximity to these trees is likely to lead to future pressure to lop, top or fell these trees due to concerns from the residents for their safety and for other associated general nuisance issues.

The scale of the proposed units is such that there is very minimal useable amenity space most of which will be overhung by tree canopies, as will most of the units.

In summary I have some significant concerns regarding the increased pressure that will be placed on the Council to permit lopping, topping or felling the trees within the rear gardens of Grendon Gardens, and the impact that this will have on both the visual amenity of the local area, and specifically the adjacent Barn Hill Conservation Area,

The full Brent Transportion report  is below:


 Philip Grant has been campaigning energetically on this blog and in correspondence with Brent Council for planning applications from the Council itself, to its own Planning Committee, should be treated  with probity and subject to the same scrutiny and standards as applications from external developers.


Marc Etukudo said...

“London Plan policy 7.1 (“Lifetime Neighbourhoods”) advises that the design of new buildings and the spaces created by them should “help to reinforce or enhance the character, permeability, and accessibility of the neighbourhood”
That statement is for NEW DEVELOPMENTS. While Brent may think they are meeting the parking requirements for the new developments, they are doing so as if the new proposed development is on a stand-alone site with no other homes or households nearby. This is a fundamental flaw in the planning application. The changes are being made as if they are building on a site not affecting anyone else yet the changes are being made at the expense of the 60 existing and long standing Newland Court residents.

Brent Council cannot divorce the parking provision for the new builds from the existing needs of the 60 Newland court residents. The planning application treats the proposed development as if it sits on an isolated Brownfield site, and does not make reference or consider the parking needs of the EXISTING and long standing residents of Newland Court with historical provision for parking.

I had a meeting earlier today with 2 non Labour councillors and they agree that there are so many negating factors as to why this proposal should not be granted by the planning committee meeting. But they also SAID Brent Council have gone ahead in the past even though they have breached numerous of their own planning guidance like they are doing with Newland Court and have been given the go ahead by the planning committee. So, let’s see what happens when it goes to the planning committee meeting in which I plan to attend. Once again, thank you Philip and Martin for fighting our cause.

Martin Francis said...

Latest Cabinet Report mentions Rokesby Place: