Sunday 27 November 2022

Hopeful signs for survival of the much valued Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre


Back in August I wrote an article on Wembley Matters with the headline :

We need to firm up proposals for the future of the Welsh Harp Environmental Education Centre or it will be our children's loss  LINK

Yesterday the above tweet indicated that local groups have risen to the challenge with a positive meeting of various groups interested in using the Centre, perhaps as a consortium LINK , or as sub-leasers under  present lease-holders Thames 21.

The road to survival?

There is a long way to go before the future of the Centre is secured with work to be done on the financial side as well on the collaboration agreements between the groups. The initiative shows that the Centre is valued and its survival, when nature itself is under threat from climate change, is recognised as vital to bring children and adults closer to their environment and engaged in its protection.

Brent Council is the owner of the site and will need to be convinced of the long-term viability of any proposals put forward.




Anonymous said...

Why haven't they turned the area into a Regeneration Zone, or perhaps a Development Corridor? Come Brent Labour, get some towerblocks built for anyone who isn't on the Council Waiting List or is in Temp Accomodation, or even in B&B. I'm sure there are some foriegn investors that'll snap up whatever rubbish you build, Granville is a fitting legacy for this Brent Council.

David Walton said...

Do you mean the Granville Road Public Open Space being built on by Brent in 2010, that in a neighbourhood to population quintuple and green space access needs quintuple by 2041?