Monday 7 November 2022

Only limited response by Labour Group members to Whip's survey aimed at listening to them

Brent Labour Whip, Steve Crabb, is trying hard to improve 2-way communication with his Labour Group colleagues, with limited success.

A recent survey of the 49 strong group achieved only 27 responses. 

Of the 27 most felt the length of Labour Group meetings and content  was about right but wanted more financial debate and data that would help them measure the Council's performance standards.

Ahead of the Labour Group Away Day, that will include a personality assessment, ('how our character, our outlook and our lived experience, shape the way we work individually and as part of a team;) the survey found only 8 members had not undertaken any personality questionnaire  and 11 had completed the Myers Brigg test LINK.


Anonymous said...

"2-way communication" - what ever gave him that idea???

At least half were recruited to stand as Labour councillors on the understanding that all they had to do was vote as Mo told them to!!!

Anonymous said...

On the understanding? I doubt most understand anything other doing what they are told by his highness cllr aggressiveness. He even seems to have convinced many that what he's doing to Brent (race to the bottom and beyond) is wonderful.