Saturday 26 November 2022

Dawn Butler: 'We need to keep Harlesden whole' opposes new Boundary Commission proposals as undermining Harlesden's representation as a community

 The boundary that splits Harlesden (Source)

 Dawn Butler MP (Brent Central) has reacted to the latest proposals from the Boundary Commission for new Wembley, Willesden and Queens Park & Little Venice constituencies, with an email to constituents opposing the changes wil will split Harlesden between two constituencies.

I have received, from the Boundary Commission, their latest proposals to change the borders of the constituency boundaries in Brent, and indeed across the entire country.

The Boundary Commission has now publicly released its plans and has outlined that it wants to cut Harlesden down the middle. This means that the Church End half of Harlesden would be in one constituency, and the High Street would be in another. It just makes no sense.

I am opposing these plans and I have called on the Boundary Commission to think again about splitting one of Brent’s most vibrant communities into two. Do the people in Harlesden identify as living in two distinct areas? No. Harlesden is one community and it should remain as such. That has been the case for about as far back as historical records can go.

But I am not just opposing these changes because of history but because representation matters. When I stand up in Parliament and speak, I am speaking up for all of Harlesden. So, when I call on the Government to end the scourge of betting shops, or demand extra police on our streets, I am making representations on behalf of the entire Harlesden community, that will benefit the entire Harlesden community. Harlesden deserves to be represented within Parliament in a comprehensive, not patchwork manner.

We need to keep Harlesden whole.

If you agree with me, then make sure you have your say by completing a simple online form on the Boundary Commission website at The deadline for submission is 5th December.



Paul Lorber said...

Brent has had 2 plus a bit of a constituency for years as part of the exercise to make all constituencies in the UK of a similar size. This is all part of a policy to make all votes of an equal value.

The First Past the Post system of voting in the UK fails to deliver a fair democratic vote as the last General election shows with the Tores winning over 55% of the seats on around 44% of the votes.

What ever the Boundary Commission decides will someone unhappy as a few Brent areas will inevitably have to join up with larger areas from outside to rejig constituencies to achieve the roughly equal size.

If Labour MPs concerns about democratic accountability they should support Fair Voting as otherwise if Dawn Butler wants to retain Harlesden in her constituency she needs to tell us which area should drop out.

I am also intrigued at Dawn Butler for using gambling as one of the issues she is concerned about. Did not Labour want to impose a Giant Casino Complex in Wembley in 2006 (only to be stopped when they were beaten by the Lib Dems in the local elections) and was it not Tony Blair's Labour Government who deregulated the betting industry and unleashed the free for all Betting Shop invasion of our High Streets. Labour still owe an apology to local people for the damage they caused on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Yes Labour relaxed Gambling regulations creating local problems.

They also relaxed alchol licensing - apparently during the first year of 24-hour drinking, violent, drink-related assaults increased by 64,000 to a record total of 1,087,000 and deaths caused by drivers above the alcohol limit rose to the highest level for 30 years and our streets and parks are now littered with alcohol bottles and cans.

It's not only gaming premises Ms Butler needs to be concerned about it is also all the hundreds of local shops that now have alcohol licences too - sometimes several premises right next to each other can all sell alcohol.

How is any of this good for the communities she's so concerned about?

Anonymous said...

Dear Dawn Butler, I know that MPs think a lot about themselves but let’s get one thing straight shall we - communities were not built around politicians. Many of us don’t even bother to vote for you. Community is what we make of it. Having two MPs might elevate the area as it might mean you are encouraged to do some work.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Dawn for MP of the year. Had hoped that she would have done more for all her constituents and the area, especially for those (groups and individuals) that have made efforts to try and improve the(ir) area. However, what has Dawn done for her constituency that has helped those individuals or groups trying to make the area and people's quality of life better? Nothing that I (or other people I know) have been involved in anyhow. : (

David Walton said...

In this new constituency, at least Harlesden Old Town is in the same constituency now as Little Venice, a neighbourhood where 'world class public services are delivered to English taxpayers.'

Instead of Queens Park and Little Venice, the constituency could be called Grand Union after the famous canal which green/blue connects Little Venice with Harlesden, and City of Westminster with Brent?

2 MPs for Greater Harlesden can do it no harm. Less likely for both MP's to be disengaged from Harlesden folks' realities.