Thursday 22 November 2012

Butt condemns fire service cuts that will cause preventable deaths

Muhammed Butt's office has sent me the following statement. Please note that the 8 fatalities in Brent last year included the mother and five children who died in the Neasden house fire. Reports at the time said that the fire service was alerted at 00.50 and were fighting the fire 'around' 01.00 and it was under control by 02.50.   Firefighters from Willesden, West Hampstead, North Kensington and Park Royal fire stations attended.

Cllr Muhammed Butt, Leader of Brent Council, has spoken out angrily today against Coalition cuts to fire services in Brent. Cllr Butt’s comments came as it was revealed that the fire service missed its own target of attending the scene of a fire within 6 minutes in 41% of callouts in Brent. Cllr Butt is extremely concerned  that Brent had by far the highest number of fire fatalities in London during 2011/12.

Of 2,384 fire service callouts since January 2012, 988 (or 41%) missed the fire service’s own 6 minute response time target. David Cameron has said that the key issue for the fire service is how long it takes to attend an incident.

In 2011/12 there were 8 fire fatalities in Brent, by far the highest of any London Borough. The next highest was Southwark with 5 fatalities, and most the London Boroughs had only 1. During the same period there were a total of 47 fatalities across London.

Cllr Butt, Leader of Brent Council said,
“I have huge respect for our fire men and women and the extremely difficult job they do, and these cuts to fire services are an absolute disgrace. Cameron, Teather, Boris and co are acting with complete disregard for the lives of Brent residents

“They must scrap their plans to cut fire services in Brent even further immediately. Sarah Teather must stand firmly on the side of her residents against her Government on this issue. How can they give money to millionaires while their cuts are causing preventable deaths in our poorest communities?”

Barry Gardiner, Member of Parliament for Brent North said:

“The Mayor may have the power to do this but he has no right to put the lives of my constituents at risk in this way.”


Trevor said...

while the government plans to extend the cuts they are making to the fire brigade service.
the way I view this is What we are seeing is to be expected when we are governed by Corrupt members of parliament who despite knowing that the sale of a particular substance is causing huge amounts of preventable Deaths do little or nothing to Ensure the Public are Safe.
Yet When the One Thing they Care about the most which is Money is under Threat they fly into action imposing severe budget Cuts, Showing no regard or Concern for the people that will be Affected.
Also Try not to Forget that these are also the very Ones that were Found Guilty of Misusing the MP'S expenses System and This was being done During the Time they Knew that Budget Cuts would Have to be made eventually.
Also these are The ones that Also Stood up and promised to end Child poverty in 2005.
and what do you Know?
They not only Failed to keep their Promise, But also the effort they made was quite frankly a insult to the Children they claimed to be concerned about.
what impression does that Leave?
doesn't it Make it Quite obvious what was in their Hearts?
They Made sure that during the time they were meant to end child poverty, they lined their already full pockets instead with more money by resorting to fraud rather than going out of their way to keep their promise and help poor starving children and families.
that suggests to me that despite Politicians saying they work for the Public, when they fail to Keep their Promises and resort to fraud in order to gain more money, it gives the impression they working to better themselves @ the taxpayers expense despite receiving a Massive £65K Salary every year.
The British Government Is Made up of Hypocrites from Top to Bottom.
For example Tony Blair Took us to war In 2001 Illegally Invading The country of other People Claiming that it was a Justified war against Terrorists and Yet doesn't the Tobacco Business alone cause by what they produce 106,000 in this country alone to die every year?
Yet British Troops invaded another country urged on by the British Government to look for so called weapons of mass Destruction.
have any such things been found to this day?
to my Knowledge none have been found and reason is likely cause they never existed.
But if a substance commonly known as Tobacco is causing 106,000 people to Needlessly Die Every year and the Government of this Country not only Permit It but also rake in £10 billion in tax revenue each year from the sale of Cigarettes, then in my opinion those are what I term as "weapons of mass Destruction" simply because they cause Hundreds of Thousands of People to Die Every year and yet what do you Know?
unlike the Government sending Troops into another Nation's Country to look for weapons of mass destruction that clearly don't exist,They permit Businesses to produce Cigarettes which are then sold by shops everywhere which then go onto cause mass preventable death.
does that not clearly show that our so called government are not just hypocrites but wicked greedy heartless hypocrites as well!
so taking the above into consideration can you really expect them to care about peoples lives being put in danger by their cuts to public services such as fire stations in Brent?
also It is a Insult to literal injury for the man that belongs to the party that when in Government brought in a smoking in public places ban which protects non smokers in a public place, but leaves their health exposed to being damaged while walking around outside.

Trevor said...

Mr Butt
I think You Need to consider the following.
you say "How can they give money to millionaires while their cuts are causing preventable deaths in our poorest communities?”
What you should ask is how could they Cheat the tax payers by misusing the expenses system?
Also how could MP'S Justify taking £10 billion every year in tax revenue from the sale of something that causes 106,000 people in this country alone to die every year from preventable Diseases?
Also consider how much it costs the NHS to treat people every year whose Health has been severely damaged from the unnatural Habit of smoking?
also don't you Belong to the Party that used a slogan that said Britain deserves Better?
didn't your party also build up the public's Hopes with your Things can only get better slogan?
so what did New Labour Do when they Won the Election in 1997?
they brought in a smoking in public places ban...that of course protects people from cigarette smoke in public places but when they walk outside they are put at risk again because the air is always polluted by people who are now forced by your party who brought in the No smoking in public places ban.
and while your Party was in government were they not receiving £10 billion in tax revenue every year?
Don't you Think that is Just as Sickening as Giving Money to Millionaires while Cuts are putting the lives of The poor @ risk?
After all the Labour Government were making Profit from the sale of something that causes 106,000 people in this country to die every year.
Why didn't you say that was wrong when labour was in Government?
do you only show concern when fire stations are closed down?
of course it is wrong to put fire stations @ risk of closure @ anytime, but it is also morally Wrong for any democratically elected MP'S To collect tax revenue from something that does nothing but damage public health and causes endless preventable deaths plus increases the cost of treating people on the NHS.
Yet the government considers it to be acceptable
just as they consider it to be acceptable to impose cuts to the fire services in Brent.
that suggests to me that the government care more about money than people.
one more thing which I hope will give you food for Thought.
a man once wrote that the time we live in would be Critical because men or people in general would be lovers of money and lovers of themselves along with having no natural affection and being fierce and not being open to any agreement for example.
would you not agree that he was accurate in what he wrote?
after all when you consider the stress so many people are feeling at the moment much of it is caused by money problems.
when you consider what you said about Cameron and co acting with disregard for the lives of Brent Residents does that not accurately reflect the lack of natural affection and fierceness and hardheartedness that the man man known as Paul said would reflect human society in our time?
Therefore it is a Insult in my opinion for you to be getting all worked now and yet when your Party had their opportunity to be the one to end injustice what did it do?
I'll wait for you to answer That...