Friday 23 November 2012

I'm Barry - Fly Me!

Today's Independent draws attention to the number of flights and expenses paid trips undertaken by members of parliament LINK 

242 MPs declared an average of £6,500 for 'fact finding missions' and trips.

Barry Gardiner MP, who ironically is Ed Miliband's Special Envoy on Climate Change got a special  mention:
Barry Gardiner, the MP for Brent North, has accepted £52,071 in foreign trips since the election, spending a total of 73 days out of the country as Vice-President of Globe International – an international group representing parliamentarians.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least he tweets a lot about what he's doing.

Trevor said...

are the public supposed to express surprise at The news that an MP for Brent has Spent over £50,000 of Tax payers money Traveling around no doubt by so called first class?
isn't this man part of a political party that started of saying Britain deserves Better?
and when they were given a opportunity to prove it what do you know?
so many of them were exposed as Crooks falsely claiming expenses once again at the taxpayers expense
and yet it's not as if they are poor and desperate.
No...many of them are well off.
I mean people that receive
£65K per year cannot Justify resorting to the actions that are more likely to be committed by those that are genuinely poor and desperate.
I Think it is safe to say that they resorted to Criminal behavior out of Greed and also because the system that they set up for themselves encourages Greed rather than forcing them to spend some of the £65,000 to meet the cost of travelling around the country in first class no doubt.
Also I think the system makes them think they really are special and therefore deserve special treatment normally reserved for so called royalty etc.
it is the kind of system that poor people can only Dream about but will never experience in their lifetime because once again the system is set up in such a way that even if they do two jobs to make ends meet they still remain in the poor class whereas these MP's although some of them were born into the poor class, upon becoming a MP they quickly move into the so called upper class where Privilege is the norm and it is only made possible because it is funded by the taxpayers not because the MP'S are working day and night etc.
and so when people read that Barry Gardiner is freely spending so much taxpayers money on travel expenses I think it is safe to say that they will feel upset to say the least.
and it clearly shows that the world that MP'S Live in is different from the world the public Live in.
in our world we often have to walk home in the freezing cold and pouring rain because we don't have enough money on our bus pass in order to stand or sit in cramped cold and uncomfortable buses.
whereas MP's They never Need to worry because they can always rely on the long suffering much exploited Hard working Taxpayers To provide them with first class travel.
and the way our MP'S who laughingly Claim to work for us show their gratitude is by Misusing their so called expenses system for example.
and at the same time they fall over themselves condemning
the poor and needy, many that despite being needy and desperate and often seriously Depressed, try hard not to resort to Dishonesty and even if they do their actions are more understandable than when overpaid greedy crooked MP'S resort to criminal behavior.