Wednesday 7 November 2012

Clive Heaphy leaves Brent Council voluntarily after gross misconduct allegations withdrawn

Clive Heaphy, former Brent Director of Finance, has written to me to draw my attention to the fact that he is no longer suspended. I am happy to put the record straight.

Brent Council has issued the following statement:

The Council wishes to announce that the allegations of gross misconduct against its Director of Finance and Corporate Service, Clive Heaphy, have been withdrawn.
Mr Heaphy has decided, however, to voluntarily leave the Council's employment to pursue other career opportunities.


Anonymous said...

Why was he suspended in the first place?

Anonymous said...

what a sordid state of affairs.
who made the allegations originally? On what basis?
why were they withdrawn?
how much tax payers money has been wasted on this nonsense?
It sounds like a witchhunt against this gentlemena by persons unknown who are in powerful positions and one wonders with judgement like that whether they are fit to run Brent themselves

Anonymous said...

It is not a witch hunt. He deserved it and the case should have gone through. This type of treatment was started by him against staff in Brent. In any case he had a generous lump sum. He was the master of hypocrisy.

Martin Francis said...

I have recently had a comment submitted re HS2 but with no evidence. If evidence available please comment again.