Sunday 4 November 2012


The Million Climate Jobs is an international campaign (South Africa campaign)
The Alliance for Jobs and Climate have been working closely with Camden Green Party and the Transition Movement in Camden and are organising a great all-day event on Saturday the 24th of November at Camden Town Hall. “THE ECONOMY FOR THE 99% - SHARE IDEAS & TOOLS TO MAKE IT HAPPEN”. Ticket sales for the event can now be booked online. The web address is and you can see further details there.

Speakers include the environmentalist and green economist Charles Secrett, the new leader of the Green Party  Natalie Bennett, George Barda from the Occupy and the Shift campaign and Chris Baugh (tbc) from PCS and the Million Climate Jobs campaign. We have organised this meeting at really short notice but as it was possible, and similar meetings in other parts of the country have shown that there is a real hunger, we have decided to go for it.


If you can make it buy a ticket. We are also planning  to organise similar events elsewhere and if you are interested let us know; best to email    

More on the South African Campaign and downloadable booklets HERE


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Trevor said...

we are in debt of £977 billion.
now obviously that is immense!!!
but yet the government will no doubt respond by saying that it is their responsibility to deal with the public debt before it ruins our nation.
However we could respond by saying well the wars they have taken the nation into over the years is mainly what has ruined the country financially and the fact that the government continues to get our nation involved in wars such as the war in Afghanistan clearly shows that despite the country being in immense debt The government continues to act recklessly while at the same time acting desperately to deal with the debt.
now many would also argue that apart from cutting benefits and public services etc, why not take our troops out of Afghanistan?
according to some calculations by the time troops are brought home it will cost us taxpayers a extra 20 billion taking the national debt to almost 100 billion and yet what has anyone in Afghanistan done to you and I for the government to be sending British Troops into another nations country to fight and kill afghan people?
the government would surely argue in their defense that they are fighting to get rid of the terrorist threat that comes from the taliban.
what I don't understand is this this...the same government that is currently increasing the public debt to the tune of a extra £20 billion by keeping our troops in Afghanistan who are fighting to defeat the taliban who of course pose a serious threat to our security by the fact that they operate by using bombing campaigns, are the same government that allows tobacco companies to freely supply us with the means to destroy our health and lives...which is namely Tobacco.
if our lives are precious enough in the government's eyes for them to be willing to increase the debt they have already got us in in order to protect us against the threat posed by the Taliban, then why do they allow tobacco companies to slowly destroy us with their weapons of mass destruction which is tobacco?
it just does not make sense to me?
let's say the government archived it's objective in Afghanistan won't we still remain at risk as long as shops keeps supplying us with the means of causing lung and throat cancer?
so basically If You decided today to join the taliban you would be hunted down by the government and for good reason...but if you decided to join a business that makes a living from producing cigarettes which ruin health and lives, the government is OK with that.
and yet the damaging effects from smoking cost the NHS over 2 billion each year which surely adds to the financial debt we are in.
also smoking remains the single biggest cause of preventable death in the UK each year.
and yet who are the members of parliament putting the focus on mainly?
the unemployed, the sick, the vulnerable,the poor, and yet Most of them are the victims of the government's recklessness by allowing them to abuse themselves with tobacco so that they can get money which does not even scratch the surface of the national debt.
also the law brought in by the former labour government has not done anything to deal with the health problems caused from smoking, the government would argue that they were trying to protect non smokers...but don't non smokers walk around outside where tobacco addicts openly feed their habit and destroy their health on a daily basis?
so how is that protecting non smokers?
also if smoking is the number cause of preventable death in this country why are the government not turning against the tobacco business to protect us?
if they are willing to get us into debt fighting a senseless war then why don't they protect us from the other threat that comes from the tobacco business?
I'll answer my own is because the tobacco business serves the government's therefore the government protect them and turns on the victims which is us...