Friday 23 November 2012

Focus on Israeli house demolitions on the West Bank

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Trevor said...

I don't think we as a nation that practice corrupting and enticing each other into habits that lead to nothing self destruction should be lecturing other nations about the things they do that cause mass destruction of human lives and homes.
This is Why I continue to Expose the hypocrisy of this Nation that claims to be Christian and yet Look at the Things we do that does not Reflect Christian principles.
1.Despite Knowing that Tobacco is Something that is Clearly not designed to be consumed by humans in any form, We ignore that fact and actually use Tobacco as a means of setting up a powerful worldwide business and use it to create Things like cigarettes and cigars etc which are then advertised and promoted in the same way food and drink etc are in order to draw public attention to them and the hope is that the public will take the bait and walk into the self destructive trap commonly known as Smoking which unlike food and drink does not build them up etc but instead breaks them down psychically to the point where those that smoke eventually die from painful diseases such as lung and Throat cancer.
and even when it gets to the point where 106,000 people die needlessly each year from those smoking related diseases, the government continues to allow cigarettes to be sold and consumed by the public even though they know that will make it inevitable that the thousands that die every year will surely increase, and in the meantime the cost of treating those that are suffering due to the damage smoking has done to their health causes the NHS to spend Billions each year to Help them.
now if you saw a person setting fire to a house full of people and then cut then closed down fire brigades making it inevitable that those people in the house would burn to burn to death
and then you decide to log on to the NHS twitter web page and you see a picture of the man who the so called Health secretary smiling while shaking the hand of a elderly man in a hospital bed, wouldn't that make you want to cry and scream all at the same time?
and why?
well because you have a sense of Justice and right and wrong and you Know that man cannot surely care about people when you consider the realities mentioned above?
also when you consider that this is meant to be a Christian nation and yet you have members of the government that openly declare their support for gay marriage to become Legal and yet are Christians not obliged to live by Christian Principles?
so here is whee the hypocrisy of this nation and government becomes obvious.
We are taught to celebrate things like Easter and Christmas even though The First Century Christians didn't do or promote such things.
so we observe them and eat turkey on DEC 25th etc and Easter eggs in April.
and all these things and more are supposedly done in honor of god and Jesus Christ?
but Consider this.
what is of more value to god and Jesus and the human family?
the eating of Turkey and Easter eggs etc or Learning the True Purpose of Christianity and the Correct way to worship and honor God and Jesus?
isn't it obviously the Latter.
and yet what do you know?
Just as the government is discarding Christian Principles in favor of its own ideas, the Church system has also discarded Christian Principles in favor of its own ideas which support the corrupt and greedy economic system whilst hypocritically claiming to represent god and Jesus.
and Lastly we condemn Israel for fighting and killing other nations and yet we destroy our own nation by means of tobacco every year just for the sake of tax revenue and personal profit and yet we are meant to be a Christian nation.
Need I say anymore.