Wednesday 14 November 2012

Planting started in Chalkhill Park as it nears completion

Planting of trees and shrubs has started at Chalkhill Park which is due to be completed this month. However some residents have expressed concern about ground conditions with signs of depressions where the top soil has settled and flooding in the area of the children's playground. This along with the need for grassed areas to be completed and robust enough for thousands of little feet, may delay the opening.

The park notice board is now in place and some park seats have been installed. Although there is great excitement about the park some people are worried about it being treated properly by residents and fear for  the survival of young saplings. Obviously the local community has  a vital role to play in ensuring that the park is respected. In the longer term a proper maintenance plan by the Parks Department or out-sourced gardeners, will be essential.

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Trevor said...

yeah Great
lets talk up the new park that will exist next to the unofficial ashtray and dustbin aka Pavements.
This really is the way forward!!!!
oh I almost forgot that a few yards away there is a betting shop...we really get all the things we need in wembley!!!!
and then of course the local newsagents open up everyday to supply people with the means to destroy their health!!!!
now surely that is a shining example of a Christian society!!!!!
even the local supermarket has got the old Christmas Tree up!!!!!
its just Strange that despite never failing to prepare for Christmas we are slow to promote Christmas Principles in this Country?
imagine if the people that promote Christmas etc decided to promote every year the principle of Cleansing our flesh of defilement?
can you imagine the good fruit that would bear?
surely the current figure of 106,000 people dying from diseases caused from smoking would go down?
but that would mean the profits would go down for the people that are currently rolling in the money being made from the "exploitative misuse of tobacco".
I'll end by saying that a man once said that Critical times hard to deal with will be here for many reasons...the main reason being cause men or people in general will be lovers of money and lovers of themselves.
having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power.
I think those words apply to Britain immensely.