Sunday 4 November 2012

Join the Trust and help enhance Chalkhill's future

A notification from the Chalklhill Community Trust:

During the regeneration of Chalkhill Estate  over £1.4 Million was raised through land sales intended to ensure the continued development of Chalkhill. This fund has since been managed by a board of trustees, including community representatives. We are now seeking to bring 3 new trustees on board, 2 representing the local community and 1 representing local business. In this role you will be able to influence where and how this money is being invested, as well as steer the Trust’s policy on the management of the fund.

The successful applicants will receive formal trustee training, but will need some of the following attributes:

- Be committed to the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund and its objectives.
- Have the ability to remain impartial when making decisions, not allowing your personal views or prejudice to affect your conduct as a trustee.
- Have an open mind when seeking solutions.
- Be able to attend at least 4 meetings per year during office hours, as well as any additional meetings as required by the Trust.
- Either live within, or run a business local to, the area of benefit of the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund.
- Be committed and dedicated to further the aims of the charity.
- Have a strategic vision and be able to contribute to the continuance of the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund and its future success.
- Have good, independent judgement so as not to compromise the proper management of the organisation and/or adversely affect the reputation of the Chalkhill Community Trust Fund.
- Have an understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of a trustee.
- Be able to demonstrate an ability to act with integrity, objectivity, openness and honesty.
- Have the ability to keep certain matters confidential.

Closing date November 20th. Application pack HERE


Trevor said...

This is my opinion based on real life experience starting with living on the former chalk hill estate in 1988.
Chalk hill estate although originally built and hailed as something special in its infancy was allowed to become a haven of torment by the tenants and the council and sadly the same thing is happening to the new estate despite being low rise and run by Metropolitan housing.
for example if one walks from the wembley park station to the end of chalk hill road you will without fail notice the regular litter that people drop onto the pavements and it is often left to pile up and this is allowed to happen despite it still being a fairly new estate and was built as part of a plan to regenerate the old run down and neglected Chalk hill estate.
plus we pay council tax which is meant to be used to fund street cleaning etc and yet the impression one could be forgiven for getting if you walked along chalk hill road for example, that there was no street cleaning services and that people either don't know what dustbins are for or are just too lazy to dispose of unwanted litter properly.
I recently for example wrote to the head of Street who wrote back saying...Thank you for your email. I am sorry to hear that you are not happy about Brent’s quality of service. As the manager responsible for gully cleaning I will try and help as best as I can to resolve your gully cleaning concerns. It may be useful to know that on most days we have two gully cleaning trucks out in the field cleaning Brent’s gullies on a cyclical basis, however it needs to be appreciated that as there are nearly 24000 gullies in Brent it sometimes means that there could be up to an 18 month gap between visits. I would be happy to establish look into why gullies have not been cleaned (or properly cleaned) and to get a team out to clean them asap however in order to do so I will need to know where these gullies are that you are concerned about. Please could you provide me with some locations if possible and I will get straight on it.
Now If I or anyone else decided to not pay my council Tax for 18 months I would not be long before I would be receiving reminders and eventually threats to be taken to court for non payment of the tax.
and yet the reality is Why should I or anyone pay for a service that is often left for up to 18 months before it is done?
Imagine if the council had to wait 18 months to be paid the council tax?
they would surely start to complain.
and yet the receive it reasonably regularly and yet take their time to do the work we are paying them to do.
that is neither fair or acceptable in my opinion and I do not accept the excuse the council uses to justify leaving Street drains blocked solid for long periods of time.
if it takes up to 18 months to clear street drains then the way the council is paid needs to be changed to reflect the fact that despite the council receiving an abundance in the form of council tax they are failing to keep their side of the arrangement and that should not be allowed to continue.
also I think that the new estate once again has inadequate sound proofing material so that once again household sounds can be heard which for some people can become a real nuisance and cause of much frustration.
When I lived in kilburn square in the 1970s I experienced the same old problems clearly showing that the authorities are not really trying their best to build a decent estate for people to live in together in reasonable peace.
neither are people taking care of the estate's environment judging by the regular amounts of litter that can be seen every single day not just on chalk hill road but throughout the entire borough.
so sadly this new initiative does not inspire any confidence in me because remember this was meant to be a fresh start and yet it is already starting to go downhill once again.

Anonymous said...

Yours is not the only area to see lots of litter.

Some of it is because some people do not see it as a problem - because "it will be cleared up". The fact it looks awful in the meantime doesn't seem to matter to them.

I imagine it doesn't help that at street festivals and other large events, people are expected to just drop litter anywhere, because it will indeed be cleared up at the end of the event.

Trevor said...

thanks for sharing your thoughts on this topic.
I still believe that until we all work together with the purpose of doing our best to take better care of our home then no matter what is said @ group meetings etc won't make any difference until someone somewhere manages to inspire those that are currently stuck in the habit of neglecting our home to changing and doing their bit to take care of it, things will remain the same.

Trevor Ellis said...

It still hurts me to know that ChalkHill estate has been allowed to become a place where neglect is commonplace.