Wednesday 20 February 2013

Further delays in completion of Chalkhill Park

The view from one of the park entrances
Mud and flooding in the children's playground
People attending a planning meeting for the Festival to mark the opening of the new Chalkhill Park were dismayed to hear that there is likely to be further delay to the completion of the park - none more so than the local children who attended the meeting to feed in their ideas.

One begged, 'Can't it be ready for us to use in the Easter holidays?'

It appears not.

The Festival was due to take place on May 3rd and May 4th but the park now may not be ready until mid-June.  At one time it was promised to be ready by November 2012 after earlier delays.

After the wet winter much of the ground is waterlogged as can be seen from the picture of the children's playground (above) which was taken only yesterday.  Sand is being scattered on some flat areas to soak up the water that is covering the clay before turf can be put down.   Turf takes 6 weeks or so to bed in before it can be walked on

Clearly there is a balance to be drawn between rushing to get the park finished quickly and ensuring that turfing and planting takes place in the best conditions - otherwise further problems of flooding and subsidence of grass and asphalt surfaces will be emerge in the future.

Asked for a comment, Cllr Michael Pavey (Barnhill ward) said:
I was shocked to hear of these delays. It's an absolutely terrible shame. I'll be pushing the Council hard to ensure the Opening isn't delayed a day longer than absolutely necessary.


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