Saturday 9 February 2013

Keep Willesden Green campaigners speak truth to power

Willesden residents in  the Keep Willesden Green campaign were able to question the developers and make comments on the plans for the new Willesden Green Cultural Centre today. The councillors who constitute the planning committee were on a site visit prior to the Committee's consideration of the planning application on Wednesday.

The residents were extremely well-informed and officers will be taking away some of the questions and evidence to consider before the  Planning Committee.

On Monday the Public Inquiry into the Town Square application will open at Willesden Green Library and is expected to continue meeting after the Planning Committee has made its decision - a fact that itself is puzzling as.  if successful, he Town Square application would stop the library development as currently planned.

More detail and videos of today's events can be found on the Keep Willesden Green blog HERE

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Neil Dobias said...

The land is not public owned, if it was, all of us would have some form of paperwork with our names written on it, right?
At present the developer has its name on the land registry, we don't.
Some stout individuals in the planning department say if your names not on it (land registry) you have no rights over it.
Ask a certain Lib Dem local councillor, or Stephen Weeks. Don't expect the truth. Friends in high places and all that jazz.

60 bogus letters in support of the development? LOL. I like that lady, met her once before. Strong, stands her ground.

Grant the development and watch those who can afford to buy the flats transform Willesden into an extension of Queens Park. Brent Council do not want this, having spent years running Willesden into the ground.