Friday 8 February 2013

'Wrong sort of parents' protest against Gove's diktat

I guess Michael Gove will think that these are the 'wrong sort of parents': passionately committed to their children's education;  strongly supportive of their children's school, teachers and headteacher; enthusiastic about the multi-cultural nature of the school's population, committed to equality and, worse of all, keen on the democratic accountability of the school via the local authority.

A group of middle class parents setting up a Free School for their children aimed at keeping out the riff-raff are clearly preferable, and why oh why can't these Gladstone Park parents realise that their school would be far better if it was run by a bloke who sells carpets?

There was a brilliant demonstration after school this afternoon by Gladstone Park Primary parents and children to oppose a forced academy.. A force to be reckoned with!

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Neil Moffatt said...

Michael Gove will not hear what he does not want to hear, no matter how vociferously it is proffered. He runs the DfE like a dictator, forcing academy conversion even against their own, flimsy rules. They are operating with no accountability. Consultation with schools is as lip-service a process as it could possibly be (see the Lies and Acad£mies video).

He needs to be stopped and brought to task. The most opaque DfE in many years, but now not even trying to hide the nature of their game - the privatisation of education.

It deeply saddens me.

Hence my Education Reform web site and letters to MPs to try to take action.