Saturday 23 February 2013

Greens make Social Justice central to the party

A motion changing the Green Party's Philosophical Basis to emphasise social justice achieved the necessary two thirds majority at the Green Party Conference today. The vote was 159 for and 64 against. 149 was need for a two thirds majority.

The amended preamble reads:
A system based on inequality and exploitation is threatening the future of the planet on which we depend, and encouraging reckless and environmentally damaging consumerism.

A world based on cooperation and democracy would priortitise the many, not the few, and would not risk the planet's future with environmental destruction and unsustainable consumption.

The Green Party isn't just another political party. Green Politics is a new and radical kind of politics guided by these core principles: (changed principles below)

1. The Green Party is  a party of social and environmental justice, which supports a radical transformation of society for the benefit of all, and for the planet as a whole. We understand that the threats to economic, social and environmental well being are part of the same problem, and recognise that solving  one of these crises, cannot be achieved without solving the others.

10. Electoral politics is not the only way to achieve change in society, and we will use a variety of methods, including lifestyle changes, to help effect progress, providing these methods do not conflict with our core principles.
The motion received eloquent support from many young Greens who said that the party's stance on social justice was what first attracted them to the party in the wake of the Lib Dem's betrayal on tuition fees and the Green's approach to the financial crisis and austerity. They wanted to give social justice and environmental justice a similar weighting.

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