Saturday 27 July 2013

A round up of messages to the 'racist van'

Some of the recent messages to the 'racist van':


Edmund Schluessel said...

Hey, I'm glad you liked the van photoshop I did -- would you mind adding a shout-out to Socialist Meme Caucus, , which is where it's circulated from? (I'm an admin there)

Trevor said...

it really is sad That after years of living along side one another we still look down on each other and treat certain nations as inferior while viewing ourselves as superior.
and it is even more sad and shameful when the nation looking down on others claim to be Christian.
if we the nation that looks down on others say we are Christian then that is clearly untrue because a genuine Christian will go out of its way to live up to its obligation to love its neighbors as we love ourselves.
and if we claim to Love god and are yet Hating our neighbors Then we are only deluding ourselves
or do we believe that the god we claim to worship who is wise enough to know how to create a planet for all humans of all nationalities to live on,
can not figure out who his loyal worshippers are?
so many of the problems in human societies on earth are born out of the failure on the part of the inhabitants to use the Christian principles as a guide on how to create and maintain a happy loving peaceful earth wide society?
Racism is Like smoking it just causes damage and is in no way beneficial but yet amazingly our Political drivers cling and look to it more than they do to Christian principles Which if promoted and used would produce results different to the results that come from things like racism and smoking
both of which damages the human family.
When will we Wake up?

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable and shocking!!! this is clearly not the way to try and tackle immigration problems.

What about the genuine hard working foreigners that have applied for visas and are waiting for their decisions and the outcome of their case.

It's not their fault, if The UK Boarder did their job properly the country wouldn't be in this complete mess.