Wednesday 17 July 2013

Pavey: No Copland sell-off

Cllr Michael Pavey, Brent Council lead member for Children and Families has reacted to the Guest Posting below with this statement:
"Copland School will not be sold off. The site will be redeveloped, but as an improved school - not for non-educational uses. 

All the steps Brent Council have taken have the sole purpose of improving teaching and learning in the school. The recent Ofsted report found that two-thirds of teaching is inadequate or requires improvement. This is a tragedy which is desperately failing local families. 

Turning around this terrible situation requires tough actions. However there is absolutely no question of running down the school to sell it off. Quite the opposite: we are determined that Copland will become a successful school that parents are proud to send their kids to."


Anonymous said...

Well done to Michael Pavey for putting out this statement. But who trusts politicians any more?Plus everyone knows that Ofsted is just a tool of Gove's academy policy.

Anonymous said...

With a Labour Council like Brent, who needs Tories?
Or Lib-dems for that matter?
They are just another distraction from reality
(along with X-Factor, Big Brother, Royal Family, Taliban):
The ridiculous disparity between rich and poor.
Solve this "root of all evil" first.

Anonymous said...

Ok Mr Pavey. Let's believe you about closing the school down. Any comments about the other points raised?

trevor said...

I must say I Agree with your Feelings regarding Brent Council.
for example The labour Motto is " on your side"
but do their actions match their words?
Talk remains Cheap and I'm well aware That it's difficult to say the least to please everyone all the time
plus even when we try our best we all make mistakes.
but The problem with this particular council is that People don't Trust them
and there has to be a reason for that lack of faith.
and I personally Believe it is because they do things like Attempt ease public anxiety but as often is the case all it takes is the passing of time which reveals their failure to live up to their words and then the public are left feeling disillusioned and even more stressed.
and then the councillors for their part start doing the other thing they are known for which is to play the blame game
which is to blame the so called coalition government and saying that it's due to the cuts in budget.
and again to be fair to an extent the finger pointing is justified after all the government are slashing budgets left right and centre which has already had a devastating effect on the public in many ways and especially if they happen to be unemployed or a pensioner.
I can Tell you from my own experience my parents are both pensioners and health wise are suffering everyday and yet because of what this government is doing my dear mum regularly Tells how she worries about losing certain benefits (which she is entitled to because of her health problems) and yet the government talk about taking back those benefits
and from the government that discussed giving themselves a £20,000 pay rise!
and no doubt they are sure they could justify that despite already getting a huge pay packet, over £64,000.
now you imagine the Anxieties earning that amount of money could ease?
but I think it's safe to say it would also increase anxiety especially once you become accustomed to that amount going into your account every year and then for some reason you stop receiving it.
well if a Politician would feel anxiety then wouldn't pensioners and people struggling to survive whilst unemployed feel anxious when they hear that benefits are being reduced and harshly at that?

Anonymous said...

We'll take that as a 'no' then and that you're 'relaxed' about 2 men (who you or your IEB appointed) acting with thuggish incompetence and managing to alienate, in just 3 weeks, practically the whole staff of a school which has already suffered at least 6 years of Brent Council's auditing neglect, drift and then imposition of a new management team lacking experience or the wit to overcome it. But I suppose you were too worried about the students to notice.