Saturday 27 July 2013

Natalie Bennett supports UKYP 'Curriculum for Life' campaign

Last weekend Green party leader Natalie Bennett signed up to pledge support for the 'Curriculum for Life' put forward by the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.

At a time when Michael Gove is narrowing the curriculum it is noteworthy that school students themselves recognise that education is about more than passing examinations or preparing for employment.

The proposal is in line with the Green Party's ideas on the curriculum which favours education of the whole person.

The UKYP state:
We believe that the place of citizenship education and PSHE in the curriculum should be radically overhauled through a youth-led UK-wide review; they are really important for young people’s growth and development as they teach vital life skills and can be the first steps to engaging young people in political life. Teaching staff should be specifically trained to a national standard to deliver citizenship education following this review.
What is it we want?

  • We want a Youth Led Review of Citizenship and PSHE education

  • We want a radical overhaul of the current Curriculum which we feel fails us

  • We want a new curriculum that includes the following subjects:

    • Political education
    • Sex and Relationships education (SRE)
    • Cultural awareness
    • Community cohesion
    • Finance skills
    • Sustainable living
    • Citizenship Education Test
The Pledge for schools to sign can be download HERE

A petition supporting the campaign can be downloaded HERE

Suggestions for the new curriculum can be tweeted using #lessons4life


trevor said...

I think that before this can be taken seriously
the people it is being aimed @ Need to be sure the motive is pure and in their best interests?
The cultural heritage of the Uk Government is to be Hypocritical and reckless and people Like that tend to fail rather than succeed.

trevor said...

The Inspiration for this came from thinking about my experience in this country and how the well known saying that 'talk is cheap' is obviously True when it comes to politics.
I think back to 97 for example when so called 'new labour' won the trust of the people and came in singing and dancing full of self confidence promising that 'things could only get better'
with hindsight I think that even they regret making such promises only to fail miserably and leave the country in a worser state than it was in the hands of the Tory government.
This is why I say again that young people should be on their guard because the other well known saying 'here we go again' or we have heard it all before' certainly applies to the so called 'Curriculum for Life' campaign'.
Once again you have Politicians talking like they have suddenly woken up and all the young people need to do is vote for them at the convenient Time which will more than likely be as we draw ever closer to 2015 which is of course the year when we get the chance to choose who we want to lead us?
New Labour Did a similar in 97 to win the trust of the public but once they got their hands on the wheel of government they showed what was really in its collective heart and failed to live up to the big empty promises it made in its impressive but empty manifesto.
The day a Political party actually does what it says on the tin is the day Pigs will fly in the sky.
and since that will never happen and history has shown that even with the best will in the world Politics consistently fail
I can therefore say without any shame that I have no confidence in politics.