Monday 22 July 2013

Pavey won't act on Copland chaos

Guest bloggers have given a vivid picture of events at Copland Community School as the new management take action. I have been arguing that Brent Council needs to look at its own role, not least the effectiveness of  its support for the school in the period previous to the Ofsted inspection when Brent Council leader Cllr Muhammed Butt was a member of the governing body.

The Council has sacked that governing body and imposed an Interim Executive Board which has appointed senior management. The Council can't just leave it there but should be monitoring closely how the IEB and senior management are going about school improvement.

The guest bloggers have revealed a troubling picture which, as I state in the Twitter exchange below with Cllr Michael Pavey, lead member for children and families, seems to be killing the patient in order to cure it.

I have been a headteacher responsible for turning round a primary school in special measures, as well as Chair of Governors at two primary schools which under the lead of the headteacher and supported by governors have also come out of the category.

Of course tough measures have to be taken to remove inadequate teaching and tackle issues such as poor attendance, but in the process you have to build on your strengths, boost morale, win the confidence of teachers, parents and pupils and get everyone on board. When you do have to take action on capability this should be done following the agreed procedures ensuring fairness and transparency.

The guest bloggers' contributions seem to indicate that this is not happening and led me into the following Twitter exchange with Cllr Pavey:
Wembley Matters: Whistleblower's plea for .@MikeyPavey to intervene in Copland debacle …
Michael Pavey: Have they filed a grievance? That's the most appropriate first step.
Wembley Matters LA appointed IEB/new head who are killing patient to cure it. You representing LA must take responsibility. Grievance takes time
Michael Pavey: I fully support IEB in turning round Copland's dismal failure of kids. Any complaints need to follow proper process.
Wembley Matters: Washing of hands - RIP Copland then
Michael Pavey: Says who? I see a committed new team keen to reverse educational failure.
Wembley Matters: History will judge - by Autumn half-term?
Michael Pavey: It will take much longer than that to reverse historical failure.
Wembley Matters: The consequences of current management action will be obvious by then: staffing, morale, and pupils' well-being
Michael Pavey: The consequences of current levels of teaching are already apparent.
Luca Salice: IEBs in some circumstances can be a good solution to avoid academy conversion and improve schools.
Wembley Matters: I agree Luca but in this case Brent Council put in IEB to PREVENT the governors opposing forced academisation.


Anonymous said...

Mr Pavey should have looked at the history of Copland School before expressing unquestioning and uncritical support of Mr Marshall and Mr John. Uncritical support of management and the status quo was the default setting of Brent council when the school's union membership (yes, they were, let Mr Pavey be reminded, the only ones to act) sacrificed any chance of promotion and put their entire careers in jeopardy when they blew the whistle on the (alleged) corruption of the Davies leadership team and the Chair of Governors I.P.Patel. After getting up to speed on that situation Mr Pavey might then consider studying the correlation between union membership and activity (or lack of it)and internal promotions and preferment (or failure to achieve it) within the school. A very good time to start might be today.

Anonymous said...

No change there then. Brent wouldn't act on Sir Alan Davies either until they were shamed into it by union action. Also who can forget Ed Balls telling the world there was nothing wrong with illegal 'bonuses'?
Hostages to Fortune, Mr Pavey, as I think you'll discover very soon.