Monday 29 July 2013

Allotment plots available in Brent NOW!

A corner of my allotment at Birchen Grove
I was under the impression that there were huge waiting list at all Brent allotments but today Brent Council tweeted that there were vacant plots available immediately at 7 sites without waiting lists. I am not sure if this fact has been conveyed to people on the waiting list at other sites so here are the details:

Seven allotment sites in Brent now have plots immediately available for anyone who wants to try their hand at food growing

The vacancies are at:
  • Dors Close, Kingsbury
  • Cecil Avenue, Wembley
  • Kinch Grove, Kenton
  • Lyon Park Avenue, Alpterton
  • Sudbury Court Road, Sudbury
  • Vale Farm, Wembley
  • Woodfield Avenue, Wembley.
Allotment gardening is a great way to grow healthy food, keep active and works out a cost of just 22p a day for a standard size-five pole plot - that's about half the size of a tennis court and is big enough to grow enough fruit and veg for a small family.

Apply online for an allotment plot or call 020 8937 5619.

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