Tuesday, 3 May 2016

A small victory for democracy in the Brent Labour Group?

In an exclusive story today the Brent and Kilburn times LINK reports that an attempt by Muhammed Butt to give the leader of the Labour group the power to appoint his/her own deputy, rather than have an open election for the post by the whole group of councillor, has been thwarted.

The regional London Labour Party has ruled that there should be a contest after protests from senior Labour councillors.

The current deputy is Cllr Michael Pavey.

The Labour Group's Annual General Meeting is on May 14th where constitutionally Muhammed Butt could be challenged for the leadership.


  1. Meglomaniac

  2. Brent Labour Councillors need to get rid of him...he's totally out of order and is giving Labour a bad name...

  3. Butt just wants to choose the best person for the job, whats wrong with that? If Butt had managed to pick someone of his own mould (yes, I did that on purpose) as Deputy, the Deputy would have been leader by now.

  4. The Brent and Kilburn Times article says 'Cllr Butt has not returned any calls or emails.'

    When its a story that he wants us to read, presenting him in a good light, he is always available with a quote to go alongside his smiling photo that they publish so often. And as this is a Labour Party story, Brent Council's PR machine cannot issue a positive press release for him.

    Perhaps people in Brent will finally be able to see what the real Mo Butt is like, rather than the image he has tried to project.

  5. Cllr Butt for London Mayor.

  6. Come on, Brent Labour Group, and exercise some real democracy at your AGM.

    Have a secret ballot on whether the party has confidence in its current Leader, and if the majority do not have confidence in Cllr. Muhammed Butt, have another secret ballot to decide who should be the new Leader!