Tuesday 31 May 2016

Is another Europe possible? What do you think?

It has been hard for the anti-capitalist Left to insert itself into the EU Referendum debate on either side. The choice of associating with the neoliberals and big business  of the Remain campaign or the neoliberals and  racists of the Out campaign has left many of us out in the cold.

My main feeling is that we have been dragged into a nasty debate as a consquence of the internal war in the Tory Party and Cameron's attempt to deal with the UKIP challenge.

The Another Europe is Possible campaign is an attempt to make a progressive case for Remain but faces the charge of dewy eyed complacency about the real nature of the EU.

I submit Caroline Lucas' speech as a contribution to the debate and welcome people's views.


Anonymous said...

I think the main problem is that the UK recognises there's a problem with the EU but we alone can't fix it - other countries need to acknowledge that there's a real problem too.

I wouldn't say voting to leave means you're racist at all, I have no problem with *controlled* migration. In fact, I believe if we have controlled migration we may be able to help those in greatest need e.g. refugees/asylum seekers.

With the need for more houses, schools, resources in general (which could arguably be blamed on the Tory budget, maybe not the schools as that's dependent on the number of children) we are most definitely bursting at the seams.

This is a good video I found which I thought explained the basics well: https://t.co/37ZYaczSIa

Also, I'm a student and I've postal-voted to leave, as will a number of my peers. The government seems to be completely naive of our feelings towards them, just because they say the young will vote leave doesn't mean it's actually so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant *just because they say the young will vote remain doesn't mean it's actually so.