Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Wednesday's Brent Planning Committee to go ahead

Brent Council Democratic Services confirmed today that Wednesday's Planning Committee wil go ahead.  The meeting was in doubt after the Chair, Sarah Marquis, moved a deferral at yesterday's Planning Committee. Her motion, informed by legal advice, was based on the fact that two meetings in one week, considering major planning applications, with long term impact on Wembley would not be made by a fully informed committee given the amount of paper work involved, including much that was online, and thus would not deliver fairness and justice through due process. LINK

Committee members were not willing to discuss the motion in public and met privately after the public left.

Democratic Services said:
I can confirm that the meeting scheduled for Wednesday 11 May 2016 will go ahead.
I am not aware that a proposal to defer tomorrow night's meeting will be tabled.
It would still be possible for the Committee to defer some of the items even if the meeting itself is not deferred.

The Reports Pack for the meeting is 248 pages long LINK

This is a summary of just one of the agenda items. LINK It includes up to 4,000 homes, an 1,800 space 10 storey car park,  hotel, more student accommodation, a three form entry primary school on the site of York House, retail and lots more. It is in Tokyngton ward (as are all the other applications tabled for Wednesday) where Muhammed Butt is one of the three Labour councillors. Apart from the car park this is Outline Permission but obviously will affect the shape of Wembkey for decades to come.

I undestand the Football Association will speak on this application. Cllr Sam Stopp is also due to address the Committee.


22 December, 2015 Tokyngton

Brent Connects Wembley 

Olympic Way and land between Fulton Road and South Way including Green Car Park, Wembley Retail Park, 1-11 Rutherford Way, 20-28 Fulton Road, Land south of Fulton Road opposite Stadium Retail Park, land opposite Wembley Hilton, land opposite London Design
Hybrid planning application, accompanied by an Environmental Impact Assessment, for the redevelopment of the site including;-
Full planning permission for erection of a 10-storey car park to the east of the Stadium comprising 1,816 car parking spaces of which 1,642 are for non-residential purposes, up to 82 coach parking spaces and associated infrastructure, landscaping and vehicular access.


Outline application for the demolition of existing buildings on site and the provision of up to 420,000 sqm (gross external area) of new floorspace within a series of buildings comprising:
Retail/financial and professional services/food and drink (Use Class A1 to A4) up to 21,000 sqm;
Commercial (Use Class B1) up to 82,000 sqm;
Hotel (Use Class C1): up to 25,000 sqm;
Residential (Use Class C3): up to 350,000 sqm (up to 4,000 homes) plus up to 20,000 sqm of floorspace for internal plant, refuse, cycle stores, residential lobbies, circulation and other residential ancillary space;
Education, healthcare and community facilities (Use Class D1): up to15,000 sqm;
Assembly and leisure (Use Class D2): 23,000 sqm;
Student accommodation (Sui Generis): Up to 90,000 sqm. And associated open space (including a new public park) and landscaping; car and coach parking (including up to 55,000 sqm of residential parking and 80,000 sqm non-residential parking) and cycle storage; pedestrian, cycle and vehicular accesses; associated highway works; and associated infrastructure including water attenuation tanks, an energy centre and the diversion of any utilities and services to accommodate the development.

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It appears that Muhammed Butt has his finger in every pie. What's in it for him?