Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Brent Council rejects Wembley Stadium/FA request for more time to consider tonight's planning application

From Supplementary report tabled for tonight's Planning Committee Meeting LINK
Additional letter received from Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) on behalf of WNSL / The FA
NLP have specified that a significant amount of new information was submitted to Brent Council by the applicant on 9 May, only 48 hours before committee, including specialist responses on noise, transport and planning issues. They specify that WNSL as well as Brent Council need further time to review the detail submitted that appears to relate to the impact on the operation and safety of Wembley Stadium.
Information has been submitted to the Council. This information has been submitted by the applicant as a rebuttal to the letters submitted by WNSL and their consultants. It does not provide new information. The Council’s consideration of the proposal is based on the information originally submitted to support the information together with Appendix K which was submitted subsequently, with further consultation carried out.
The submission of the rebuttal letters is not considered to trigger the requirement for additional consultation.


  1. I don't understand the rush to pass these proposals through. They clearly don't care about existing residents' views either. Absolutely shameful. The renovation of Wembley Stadium and the LDO looked so promising, all of these ugly developments are going to completely undermine any progress made. I say NO to new housing, NO to the EU with its massive influx of migrants. God knows what's going to come of all of these empty developments following BREXIT!

    1. Don't worry, after Brexit it'll all be in the capable and entirely sane, balanced and competent hands of John Redwood, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Neil Hamilton. So nothing to worry about at all really. Sunny Uplands, here we come!
      Mike Hine

    2. Well the way I see it is that these new developments are being built to deal with the housing crisis which wasn't such a big problem a couple of years ago before even more countries joined the EU. Any available space is being used to build ridiculously high, and to be quite frank ugly properties. I'm not sure if it's sensible to say any politician is completely sane. Take David Cameron saying we'll be at war if we leave the EU, if that was such a real threat why allow a EU referendum at all?

    3. Read Community Care magazine's ex blogger Mike McNabb's analysis of immigrant bashing and you might learn something about how public opinion has been distorted.
      Asylum seekers’ £2m home: but who’s playing the system?

      Alan Wheatley