Monday 9 May 2016

Pavey: I want to lead a 'political, campaigning Council'

James Powney has published the email Cllr Pavey sent to Brent Labour Group regarding his leadership challenge LINK

I reproduce it here:

Dear friends,

It's been a tough couple of years in Brent.

We have the most fantastic community in London. Warm, diverse and dynamic.

But it is under sustained assault from a truly heartless Government. 

What are we doing in response?

Too often Brent Council is cold and bureaucratic. 

The Employment Tribunal finding of race discrimination was a hammer-blow to everything we hold dear.

And too often our political response has been to blame the Government - but to offer no alternative, no resistance. 

We can do so much better than this. 

We've lost our sense of purpose. We've lost our conviction. We've lost our heart.

In two years we all face an extremely difficult local election. Now is the perfect time to refocus and reinvigorate. To make a fresh start. And that requires new leadership.

That's why I'm standing to be your Leader.

Our Group is divided and unhappy. I believe that's because we've lost sight of the Labour values which we all share: breaking down injustice, building equality. 

I want to lead us in developing a fresh new vision we can all unite around.

Let's then deliver this vision together. Let's stop moaning about the Government and actually stand up to them. 

No more submissive delivery of cuts: let's be a political, campaigning Council. Let's work with our community and other Labour councils to mobilise a major campaign to change Government policy. 

This is a huge change from where we are today. So we need a new kind of leadership. 

I will be more inclusive, more democratic, less fearful of debate.

These aren't just vague aspirations. I have a range of detailed ideas which I'm really looking forward to discussing with you in the days ahead.

Things can be so much better than they are today. 

Let's work together to build something we can all be truly proud of.

Let's reunite around our shared Labour values. 

Let's harness the immense talents of our Labour Group to become a political, campaigning Council. 

And let's choose a Leader with the skills and values to make it happen.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

Please use the space below to provide evidence from his past behaviour and actions of Mr Pavey's sincerity:

Anonymous said...

Pavey is right. Brent is going in the wrong way and is clearly divided, and Mo Butt is the cause of the problems. He just resigned as lead of qualities- he should resign from Brent. I think Cllr Pavey would be the best choice to lead the council- he can unify the council and move forward.

Anonymous said...

Mikey, what a beautiful post. Wishing you so much luck and hoping you win by a landslide - you are the most sincere councillor in Brent and I know how tirelessly you work to make things better and to give a voice to the disadvantaged in Brent

Anonymous said...

My encounters with Brent council and its leader currently and in the past have been COLD, HEARTLESS, TIRING, TOUGH and DRAINING!
Without Cllr Pavey's support I would have been left homeless due to incompetent council staff, my home has been previously inhabitable and Cllr Pavey was an advocate for me, a voice, as I was constantly being brushed off by staff and bullied into having to put up and live in such poor conditions in such modern times.
Having been so alone and vulnerable as a single parent with two children, Cllr Paveys sincerity and support have pushed me through hard times, I genuinely believe the residents and even staff of the borough are blessed to have such a sincere and selfless deputy leader.
We need rid of the damage the has been done by Mr Butt and past leaders.
I firmly believe Cllr Pavey can deliver a fresh approach, he has the SKILLS, the HEART and the STRENGTH to rebuild our community!

Anonymous said...

Impressive comments.
But how was the sainted Mikey able to stomach working so long beside the evil Mo the Merciless?

Anonymous said...

As a parent of a child who attends the school in which Mr Pavey governs, (Wembley Primary School) I have to say I was ecstatic to hear that he was running for leader of Brent council!!

My encounters with Mr Pavey have been nothing but positive, over the years I have witnessed how he takes genuine care and concern over the development and well being of the children and staff who attend the school.
He takes the time to listen to parents views and acts upon any feedback given by parents.

I wish Mr Pavey good luck as I and many of the parents at WPS are routing for him!

Anonymous said...

I think the parents at Gladstone Park Primary have a rather different take on Cllr Pavey. As Lead Member for Children and Families he totally failed to support parents in their fight against academisation. All the talk of wanting to "mobilise a major campaign to change Government policy" should be seen in light of his failure to do this when he had the chance.

I know we're all desperate to get rid of Butt, I understand the need for hope. I just fear that we will be disappointed again.

Anonymous said...

I think I feel faintly nauseous.

Anonymous said...

'a rather different take on Cllr Pavey': Make that Copland/Ark Elvin too. He seemed eager to do the government's bidding then, now he expects people to believe he's going to fight it. Some principles would be welcome in whoever replaces The Leader.
If you manage to get rid of Buttman you don't want to replace him with Robin.

Anonymous said...

Neither Butt nor Pavey but International Socialism!

Anonymous said...

If you believe this, you'd believe anything.

Where has Pavey been in the last few years when the tough decisions have been made? As a cabinet member and deputy leader he left Cllr Butt alone to take the wrap - now that the hard work is done, he wants to show his face?

Pavey is a right wing red tory, a member of the right-wing faction group Progress that backed Liz Kendall.

The Labour national leadership elections and Mayoral were a good indicator for party members to see where people's ideology laid. Pavey supported Liz Kendall and Tessa Jowell.

Cllr Butt may not be Jeremy Corbyn, (he supported Sadiq and Andy Burnham) but he certainly was not supporting the right wing.

Becareful of a man like Pavey who is pretending to be all things to all people. He is as right-wing as they come.

Anonymous said...

Mmm ......That might delay things a little, I fear ......

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it.. The thought of a future with Butt as leader makes me feel faintly nauseous too!!!

Anonymous said...

Shows how strong and determined Cllr Pavey is!

Anonymous said...

Nice rant. Shame its untrue. Paveu supported Yvette Cooper and Sadiq Khan. He's in the Co-op and not Progress.

Anonymous said...

Well I supported Diane Abbott but I know Pavey supported Sadiq from day one. Look at the pic in this link...

Anonymous said...

He didnt support Kendall he supported his mate Yvette Cooper - she is patron of Labour Friends of Sure Start and he is Director

Anonymous said...

Pavey openly supported Yvette and Sadiq, he canvassed along side Sadiq only a couple of weeks ago...
Get your facts right keyboard warrior

Alison Hopkins said...

I am rather surprised that no one seems to have brought up the fact that Butt tried to join the Lib Dems on at least two occasions to my knowledge. The time I recall well would co-incide nicely with just before he became deputy leader. SOmeone needs to challenge him on this, with some forensic questioning as to just why he caame within a microscopic hairs breadth.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Cllr Butt read the Liberal Democrat values from the wrong direction & thought he could join by enslaving Brent Labour by ignorance or conformity whilst presiding over policy in the borough to enslave others with poverty. The 'openess' from the other direction would have been a stumbling block.


Scott B.

Anonymous said...

I actually cannot believe what I am reading!

Is this the same Pavey who wrote this on the right wing website Labour Un-cut?

"Instead of developing persuasive economic policies which people understand and relate to, we are focusing on the fantasy that is Corbynomics".

Or this

"We are finally seeing a recovery – and it will get stronger. A strengthening economy will remove any economic rationale for the huge investment programme of Corbynomics. And as years of hardship are replaced by economic upturn, arguments against austerity will lose traction with the public."

"Instead of bemoaning austerity we should acknowledge the long-awaited economic growth and call for it to be deepened and shared equitably."

Stand up to the government he says? No more submissive delivery of cuts he says?

Pavey is a snake oil salesman. He has his fan-club here to fake testimonies of his greatness. Do not fall for it. He is not what he says he is.

Anonymous said...

Kilburn Times - Feb 2015

'Cllr Duffy, who represents Kilburn ward, said the budget should represent a democratic decision taken by the whole party but added: “We as a Labour group haven’t decided the budget. Cllr Michael Pavey (the council’s deputy leader) has decided it and won’t allow us to amend anything.”'


Anonymous said...

Rumour is there is a 3rd challenger.

Anonymous said...

Is it Neil Hamilton? They could do with a candidate who'll bring a bit of integrity to proceedings.

Anonymous said...

"Fake testimonies???"
Ha, Nothing fake about what he has done for us at all!!
I don't see anyone with a decent true story to defend bully boy Butt

Anonymous said...

under leadership of Cllr Mo Brent has made a significant progress and he deserved to re-elected again.