Sunday 8 May 2016

Butt rounds up candidates for Saturday's election

Things were hotting up tonight in the Labour battle ahead of the AGM to be held on Saturday.  Muhammed Butt is said to be rounding up a field of candidates and it is alleged that one of the group said the nominees would exclude the 'old white men' of Brent Labour.

Cllr Butt is claimed to have approached Cllr Margaret McLennan as deputy leader and Cllr Amer Agha as chair of the Planning Committee.

The number of people on his list exceeds the number of posts available so there may have been some double offers. The names I have heard tonight may include some who would rather be on the other side but include Shama Tatler, Aslam Choudry, Sabina Khan, Krupesh Hirani, Wilhelmina Mitchell Murray, Ahmad Shahzad and Arshad Mahmood.

Roxanna Mashari seems to have aroused opposition from some of Butt's group who are alleged to have  described her as 'toxic'. Aslam Choudry and Muhammed Butt found themselves  mired in controversy last week over Facebook posts.  Cllr McLennan's failure to support residents over the  Byron Court school expansion and her lack of visibility has made her unpopular in her ward.  Cllr Agha is currently vice chair of Planning Committee and voted for the unpopular Twin Towers development which Sarah Marquis, the chair, opposed.

Cllr James Denselow as far as I have been able to ascertain is not one of Butt's choices.

On the wilder side I have heard suggestions that Butt may seek support from the Kenton Conservatives if he is unsure of a majority when the positions go to Full Council.


Anonymous said...

I can only assume the suggestion that Margaret Mclennan might become Deputy leader is some kind of joke. She refuses to engage with residents (and even sections of her own party) and defers at every opportunity to leading officers. She shouldn't be a Cabinet member, let alone Deputy leader.

Anonymous said...

McLennan? The woman who said she was returning to the backbenches for a quiet life? Unreal scenes.

Butt is once again trying to surround himself with sycophants. He desperately tried to organise against Pavey becoming Deputy Leader, but now the chickens have come home to roost...

Philip Grant said...

I hope that at least some of the councillors named as being "rounded up" by Cllr. Butt will have more sense than to allow themselves to be tainted as being "Mo's people".


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Butt-poised-to-be-offered-Minister-for-Photo Ops-and-Selfies-post-by-Sadiq Khan rumour? Or was that just put about by Lynton Crosby to discredit Sadiq Khan: 'Revealed:Labour Mayoral Candidate is Friend of Known Extremist Mo Butt'.

Mike Hine

Anonymous said...

That's what I thought it must be - some kind of joke. The fact that it isn't a joke is really unnerving.

"it is alleged that one of the group said the nominees would exclude the 'old white men' of Brent Labour." Or is it just about Cllr Butt choosing the people who will say 'yes' to him, regardless of whether it is in the interests of constituents?

I went to vote at my local polling station - Byron Court School - on Thursday, and felt a depressing sense of irony in doing so: exercising my democratic right, while in the midst of a situation where we feel, as local residents, that a whole process of seemingly undemocratic actions have been played out with regards to that very establishment. I am talking about the expansion of Byron Court, of course, and the lack of involvement of Cllr MacLennan, amongst the many issues arising from this.

Cllr MacLennan should not be made Deputy leader, or any other position of influence. Having voted for her, I am 'disappointed' (trying to keep this polite!) in her lack of involvement with her constituents - unless it is to go against their wishes entirely - I hope she retires soon, so that I don't have to change my allegiance to another party for the next election.

"On the wilder side I have heard suggestions that Butt may seek support from the Kenton Conservatives if he is unsure of a majority when the positions go to Full Council." What?? If this is true, it is disgraceful and Cllr Butt should be ashamed.

How do we issue a vote of 'no confidence' in these people?

Karen Jones - hitherto life-long Labour voter

Alison Hopkins said...

Maggie isn't the only one who ignores her residents wishes on planning issues. The Dollis Hill ones do that too and are also profoundly invisible.

As to Shazad and Mahmood, they're part of the whole 2014 electoral practices mess.

If you want a real work of fiction read the Register of Interests.

Anonymous said...

In our experience Cllr MacLennan has been totally invisible when it involves listening to real issues and concerns affecting ward citizens. Seems only concerned with gesture politics and self marketing.

Anonymous said...

Alison Hopkins - the words pot, kettle and black spring to mind. In 2013, when I asked for help from you for a planning issue, you were practically invisible too. No responses to phone calls or emails. Part of the reason why I didn't vote for you in 2014. Also generalisations are never good - across the Borough some councillors are invisible as you say, whilst others are in fact very hard working and engaging. All of the dollis hill councillors may not be ( i can't comment on that) but at least one is from my experience when asking for help or when reporting issues. Your experiences aren't necessarily the same as other residents

Anonymous said...

I am truly disappointed with Cllr MacLennan. She has shown no interest nor has she given any support to residents and parents regarding the expansion of Byron Court School. From the lack of performance I have seen her display she should not stand as Deputy - in fact the honourable thing for her to do would be to resign from Brent Council

Anonymous said...

We most certainly don't want Councillor McLennan as Deputy Leader. She has not represented the views of the residents in her ward or given them any support. In fact, quite the contrary,she has voted against those views...Byron Court expansion being the case in point. She has not been seen on the Ward or attended the SCRA Committee meetings for months. Fearful of showing her face, perhaps? Maybe she should consider resigning altogether.

Whoever allegedly referred to the "old white men" of Labour should be reported to the authorities on grounds of every form of discrimination.

The current Brent Council leadership is rotten to the core with the exception of the few. As far as I see, the only people with an ounce of integrity and honesty are Sarah Marquis and Keith Perrin.

Alison Hopkins said...

21:17 - I'd add John Duffy and Rita Conneely to that list.

Apparently, one of the Kenton Tories is trying to join the Brondesbury ones.

Alison Hopkins said...

18:32 on the 9th. I wish you'd said who you are, so I could check my records.

I'm very surprised - and disturbed - and your claim. I made a point, and still do, of answering phone calls directly or calling back on voice mails the same day. And replying to emails very quickly too. I also attended every single surgery during my time as a councillor and publicised those, as well as numerous home visits and seeing people in my own home.

I also published my home address, personal phone number and both councillor and personal email addresses. Which is why I still get a great many calls and visits from local people.

If you or anyone else wants to contact me, the phone number is as it always was: 07917 717 797. And my email is .

Alison Hopkins said...

And I've done the excellent Ketan Sheth a disservice by not mentioning him.