Friday 13 May 2016

Brent Council hails Wednesday's Planning Committee decisions

This is Brent Council's press release which I am sure everyone will find really reassuring.

Plans for 4,850 new homes, a new school and student accommodation around Wembley Stadium have been given the green light.

The creation of 7,000 new jobs, new retail and leisure space as well as new community facilities and parking spaces around the national stadium all formed part of the planning applications, which were submitted by property developer Quintain. More than £80million will also be provided by Quintain to improve local infrastructure.

After listening to a number of representations about the proposals, including hearing speakers from The FA, the council's Planning Committee granted approval to the applications yesterday evening (May 11).

During the three and a half hour meeting, Members discussed in detail matters relating to transport, safety and design and found that, on balance, the plans should be granted approval subject to a number of conditions including ones to improve transport, safety and the exit of fans from the stadium.

A council spokesperson said:
"These plans mark the next phase in the regeneration of Wembley and will create much needed new homes, jobs, leisure and educational facilities around the iconic home of football.

"While these plans will help accelerate the transformation of Wembley, the committee did consider all representations in detail and these concerns have been taken on board with the series of additional conditions which were imposed."

"Safety always comes first and we are confident that the plans will ensure that fans and other visitors to the national stadium can continue to enjoy these facilities while providing the significant regeneration which the area needs."

Quintain's plans will now be subject to consideration by the Mayor of London.

To view details of the planning applications, see the Planning Committee report.


Philip Grant said...

In a comment on an earlier blog about these planning decisions, I remarked on the picture used to illustrate Brent's press release as follows:

'The proposed new buildings in this image do not block the view of 'the iconic home of football', but then you realise that the viewpoint for this computer generated picture must be at the top of a tower block around 20 stories high!'


Anonymous said...

Presumably about 2,000 of the '7,000 new jobs' will be therapists brought in to tend to the mental health of the poor bastards who have to live in this soulless wasteland.
Mike Hine

Nan. said...

Dear Martin,

Thank you for publishing this press release: I find it really reassuring.

Kind regards,


Unknown said...

Like you Philip, I just love the architects artist impression of what it will look like. The Park area looks enormous and far from the 2.5 hectares or 6.17 acres that is actually proposed, and the little water feature is so cute. Perhaps it will even have ducks on it! As they call the lastest development North West Village! as we know in the definition of a village This then is our list of amenities
for,or definition of,a village.

To be a village a settlement must
1 a church,
2 a village hall or community centre,
3 a school(though not necessarily),
4 some shops,usually including a post
5 a village green,
6 allotments,
7 places to work,
8 a public house,
9 houses etc.,usually to include
private,council rented and privately
rented to give a mixed community,
10 parish council or parish meeting.

Unknown said...

Having watched our new Mayor Sadiq Khan yesterday on BBC News pontificate about needing to reduce air pollution all over london and protect children's lungs. I would be very interested in learning of the genius developer who thought it would be a good idea to locate a new childrens primary school on York House car park? Right on Wembley Hill Road which on most days has cars, lorries and buses bumper to bumper with engines idling while traffic lights change. What will become of these children's lungs if they have the misfortune of attending this school. Or why wouldn't Quintain locate the school in the heart of 4,850 homes they are intending to build? Or in fact facing the Park with use of the park for sport, playtimes etc which is enshrined in the Borough Plan! Evidently the Planning Committee and Offices haven't read the Borough Plan either!

Philip Grant said...

An excellent point about Quintain's proposed site for the school, Jaine.

It's all about profit, as they couldn't build another tower block on the York House car park, but can around the proposed park (if that survives their next detailed planning application). Next to the park would be the best place for the school, especially if Quintain also build the affordable family homes (which they have promised, but not yet delivered) nearby.