Tuesday 31 May 2016

Butt faces another probe - this time from the Labour Party

Cameron Scott, Regional Director of the East of England Labour Party, has been asked to  investigate 'serious allegations about incidents  following the death of Cllr Tayo Oladapo' to establish the facts.

Scott has been asked to undertake the investigation because London Region staff are under pressure due to the Tooting by-election and the EU Referendum.

The Labour Group has been told that there is no intention to suspend anyone and 'this investigation implies no assumption of guilt ot wrongdoing' but it has to investigate allegations that have been received.

Councillors in the Labour Group have been asked to submit 'information or evidence they understand to be relevant to the allegations about the incidents.'

Cllr Butt already faces an independent inquiry by  Richard Penn, a former local authority CEO.


Anonymous said...

Your headlines are getting more and more filthy.

Philip Grant said...

The Labour Party email (text shown on the Kilburn Times website) doesn't mention Cllr. Butt, or any other member whose actions may be investigated, but everyone knows who the allegations have been made against!