Wednesday, 17 July 2019

UPDATE: Brent Council agrees to ballot 1,000 South Kilburn residents on regeneration of the Estate

Brent Council has agreed to ballot the approximately 1,000 residents of the South Kilburn Estate who live in the 17 blocks still to be demolished on whether the regeneration of the Estate should continue.

The actual question has to be approved by the Electoral Reform Society who will conduct the ballot but the Council is proposing: 'Are you in favour of the proposal to continue with the regeneration of south Kilburn? - Yes/No

The Cabinet delegated management of the process to the Chief Executive.

A resident commented to Wembley Matters:
Assuming the council win the ballot, there are no available homes to decant most of the residents living in the remaining 13/14 blocks.

70 residents from both Neville & Winstanley have signed 'an allocation's contract' to move into Gloucester & Durham in 2020 or 2021,  The remainder will either be sold privately but most of the homes bought back by the council, may go to those in temporary accommodation living in South Kilburn.

Nothing else will be completed until at least 2022 at the earliest but those homes in the Peel development have already been allocated to the former residents who used to live there.

The next homes available are due in 2023 but the Queen's Park/Cullen House are still standing and their residents have already been decanted 3 years ago into L & Q homes in Albert Road.

It would be interesting  to ask the council where the residents of the dozen or so blocks will be decanted to and what the schedule dates are  to rehouse a thousand or so people?
I asked Brent Council for a response to the resident's questions and they said:
Our Re-Housing team works with everyone individually, to make sure that moving to their new home is as smooth as possible. The moving schedule for the estate is phased. This means that new homes are ready for residents to move in to, before their existing home is demolished. For example, residents who used to live in Bronte House and Fielding House moved in to their new homes in George House and Swift House before their previous block was demolished.
The latest version of the phasing plan for South Kilburn will be included in the Landlord Offer for residents, which is intended to be published in September.


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Looks like Brent haven't got a clue about housing management!!!