Monday, 1 July 2019

Brent Council rushes to spend £92m buying South Kilburn site before other buyers purchase it

Brent Council has informed Cllr Matt Kelcher, Chair of Resources and Public Realm Scrutiny Committee LINK, that they are making an urgent decision to buy the Gloucester and Durham bocks on South Kilburn Estate for £92m - the decision to be made by July 15th.

Telford Homes took on the lease in January 2018.  The notice to Kelcher says the blocks will be sold to other buyers if 'we do not treat with the vendor before the end of July.'

It is unclear which site is earmarked for the decant of William Dunbar and William Saville House residents in 2021.  It appears the Council fully expects to win the  ballot of residents on the demolition of their homes.

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