Monday 1 July 2019

Works on Bridge Road-North End Road, Wembley, reconnection postponed. Completion still promised for January 2020

The works to reconnect North End Road, Wembley with Bridge Road (presently connected by steps and a ramp) were due to start today but Brent Council informs Wembley Matters that they have been postponed but are still due to be finished for January 2020.

In May Brent Council announced on its 'Current Wembley Regeneration Projects' page LINK:
The council will soon start work on connecting North End Road to Bridge Road. This will benefit existing residents by providing an alternative route across Wembley Park to access the North Circular Road, improving the traffic flow in the area. This route will not be affected by event day closures, enabling an available vehicular route at all times - particularly useful for residents of North End Road, who are impacted by the road closures on event days, and bus users.

The contractor delivering the works

VolkerLaser is undertaking the works at North End Road on behalf of Brent Council. 

A VolkerLaser team will be on site from June 2019 to start the works, and the project is expected to be completed by early 2020. During this time, the team will endeavour to undertake the works with as minimal disruption to local residents and businesses as possible. 

VolkerLaser is part of VolkerWessels UK and are one of the UK’s leading multi-functional contractors. They have a proven track record of success within the highway sector, completing some award-winning civil engineering projects across the last 25 years.

For further details about the project contact Rachel Best:
Call: 0208 937 5600
The original timetable published on  24.6.19 in the Brent Council 'Works Bulletin' listed works on Bridge Road for reconnection starting on May 20th 2019 and finishing on June 30th 2019, lasting 42 days. Associated works for reconnection at North End Road, including the road closure, were to last for 222 days from May 13th 2019 to 20th December 2019.  Clearly Brent Public Realm Scrutiny Committee will want some explanation for the delay and completion for January 2020 looks a real challenge.


Philip Grant said...

Thank you, Martin, for publishing the artist's impression of the finished re-connection.

It's interesting that the picture shows some of the tile mural pictures on the south-east flank wall of Olympic Way (even though these murals, showing Rugby League and Ice Hockey scenes, from the Stadium and Arena, have been covered over with advertisements since 2013!).

If this is how the new junction will look, it will cut out at least half of the busy "lay-by" for the southbound Wembley Park Station bus stop (serving buses 83, 182, 206, 223 and 297). The picture shows only one bus there, but there are often two or three together, with lots of people wanting to get on and off.

The new section of North End Road will cut across above one end of the Bobby Moore Bridge parapet, which Quintain have applied to put a larger electronic advertising screen across - their plans did not foresee the loss of part of the balustrade! Although I have yet to be informed by Brent's planning officers, I noticed today that both of Quintain's current Bobby Moore Bridge applications are showing an 'Actual Committee Date' of Tuesday 16 July.

Resident said...

I really don't think this was well thought through for families with young children living in this residential area. A lovely quiet street then turned into a busy congested road enabling possible road accidents to occur!

Anonymous said...

Hi any news on this?

Martin Francis said...

Yes, the works are in progress right now. North End Road steps/ramp closed with detour for pedestrians via Olympic Way.