Tuesday 8 September 2020

Rising Covid19 cases in Brent - Public Health Consultant: 'Coronavirus has not gone away and it is still killing people'

Via Brent Council Website

Covid-19 cases rising in Brent: A message from Dr John Licorish, Public Health Consultant

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Brent and some other parts of London are rising again.

In the week ending Sunday 6 September 2020, there were 40 confirmed Coronavirus cases in Brent. People aged between 20 – 50 years old are the most affected group.

Brent’s rate is below the figure where a local lockdown would be considered, but we are concerned and we do all need to take action now to protect our family, friends and neighbours.

Of-course, we all want to go about our daily lives and return to some sort of normality but as we leave our homes more the risks increase.

Put bluntly, coronavirus has not gone away and it is still killing people.

Therefore, we all need to take extra care as how we behave is currently the only way to limit the spread of the virus.

You are most at risk when in busy crowds, confined spaces or close contact with others.

You are safest when you follow this advice:

  • Wash hands, or use hand sanitiser, regularly and for at least 20 seconds
  • Cover face, when using public transport or in busy spaces like high streets or shops where it may be more difficult to keep your distance
  • Make space, try to stay 2 metres away from people you don’t live with – including in pubs and restaurants.

If you develop symptoms of the virus, please immediately self-isolate and book a free test online at or call 119.

More information, advice and support is available on the dedicated section of the Brent Council website. Residents can sign up for e-newsletter updates or follow us on Twitter @Brent_Council and Facebook.

We all need to take responsibility and follow the guidelines if we want to avoid a situation where we cannot visit each other’s homes or shops and other businesses need to close again.



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