Wednesday 16 September 2020

Somali protest over Brent social services actions in removing children from family

The Somali community organisation Gaashaan held a protest outside Brent Civic Centre yesterday alleging that Brent social services had 'unfairly and unjustly' removed chidlren from their parents.

In a leaflet distributed to passersby Gaashaan  claimed matters had been misinterpreted by the local authority and it had misused its powers.  They said, 'Many, many people  including the family's friends, relatives and others from the wider community are questioning  the motives behind this absurd and unjust decision which they believe harms the family and their children's welfare and wellbeing.'

 Gaashaan are demanding an investigation into all involved in the action and the reasons why children are removed 'when there were other ways to engage with and help this poor family.'

Brent Council has not yet responded to a request for a comment. 


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