Thursday 10 September 2020

Scrap Section 60/George Floyd Solidarity Demonstration Friday 3.30pm Kilburn Police Station


Brent Trades Council and Stand Up to Racism have organised a  demonstration calling for the scrapping of Section 60. Section 60 has been widely used in Brent and Westminster. The demonstration is part of the Day of Action as the trial of George Floyd's alleged killers begins.

Section 60 of the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 allows a police officer to stop and search a person without suspicion.

Where a Section 60 is in place, it means police can search anyone in a certain area, for example, when there is evidence that serious violence has taken place or may take place.

It is set for a limited time and allows officers to stop and search people without reasonable grounds.

According to the organisers black people are 10 times more likely to be stopped by police than white people and BAME people four times more likely.

The demonstration is a 3.30pm on Friday Septembetr 11th outside Kilburn Police Station, Salusbury Road, NW6 6LT.  Nearest station Queens Park (Bakerloo and Overground)

Social distancing and Covid19 hygiene measures must be observed.

Kilburn Police Station,  Queens Park

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