Tuesday 15 September 2020

Works on Olympic Way Bridge Rd/North End Road connection and Stadium Steps underway

Access ramp from Bridge Road to Olympic Way and North End Road on bottom left 

View of North End Road, Michaela School, Victoria Tower from access ramp (Olympic Way

Notice closing pedestrian access to ramp and stairs

Works started on Monday on the construction of the new access road and footpath connecting North End Road with Bridge Road, Wembley Park.  The notice said that the stairs and ramp would be closed to pedestrians from  yesterday but they were still open today.  The works are due for completion in April 21st 2021.


The view of the steps from the far end of Olympic Way

Work in progress

A view of the new steps was also available today.  They will replace the pedway as part of the £17.8m 'improvements' to Olympic Way approved by Brent Council, paid from Quintain's  Community Infrastructure contribution.

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