Tuesday 8 September 2020

Quintain's Build to Let estate rebadged as 'Quintain Living'

The initial 'revolutionary' marketing strategy.

Quintain, the major developer of Wembley Park, has announced that from October 5th its Build to Rent properties will be marketed as Quintain Living, rather than  Tipi.

Its image thus moves more towards selling a life style rather than independence from dodgy private landlords.

The life style approach can be seen here:

At the same time Quintain announced the appointment of a new chief operating officer for their estate. She is Danielle Bayless who is the vice president of operations for California based Essex Property Trust which has 23,000 properties.

In a further and perhaps relevant development reliable sources have told Wembley Matters that the new properties at Brent House in Wembley High Road appear to be unoccupied.  Just up the road are the many properties in the 'Twin Towers' which the developer is attempting to market under the friendly sounding 'Uncle' name.

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Anonymous said...

Quintain Living! whatever next .....Pity they don't mention how the peace and tranquility will be nicely disrupted throughout Spring and Summer when you want to enjoy your outside space on Event Days when the Stadium is back in full swing!

Is there something wrong with the properties at Brent House in the High Road as they have been completed now for several months and no signs of being let at all? Notting Hill/Genesis are being unusually quiet about this site.