Monday 28 September 2020

Wembley Central resident warns of scooter delivery danger on the High Road pavement



Wembley Central resident Jaine Lunn has written to councillors, council officers and the Town Centre manager, drawing their attention to the problem of scooters using the pavement in Wembley High Road:

Dear All

On Saturday 19th September around 2-3 pm I counted 22 delivery scooters parked on the pavements outside KallKwiK nearr Nandos, and outside Al-Pasha Supermarket, close to the bus stop.  Aside from the fact there is no respect for Social Distancing, Covid19 rules, I witnessed several pedestrians being forced to jump out of the way at detriment to their own safety as these drivers collect their deliveries, jump on their bikes, start their engines and drive several metres along the pavement before accessing the road.  As a pedestrian with no mobility problems it's like an obstacle course, and for those who have mobility issues or people with pushchairs it amounts to the Council and Police abandoning their duty of care to the public.

There are 2 loading bays in the immediate vicinity of this location, outside Uncle ('Twin Towers' to you and me Ed) block, and then again outside nos 410 to 402 High Road, is it not possible to force them to park there?

In the absence of Serco/Enforcement unwillingness to challenge these idiots, it is against the Highway Code to drive on the pavement, and I seriously question how many of these Take Away Drivers have read it, or that they have taken the required CBT test or that its valid.


I did call the SNT/Police as it was so bad but no one turned up.  As I walked back home I noticed a BMW parked on the pavement just east of the Traffic Lights, outside Cerabau Romanesque.

Would you please take action against the huge number of Take Away Scooter Drivers, persistently parked on the pavement and DRIVING on the pavement, as a matter of urgency regarding public safety.

I have photo's and video as proof (See photographs above)
Jaine Lunn


Anonymous said...

Too right - this is a great problem and makes walking along this part of the high Rd a dangerous obstakle course not to mention against social distancing laws
Once again Brent ignore the obvious

Martin Francis said...

Jaine has added to the people she wrote to:

Thanks to all for your response to my initial email.

I would like to state, that I do not have a personal axe to grind against the Scooter Delivery Drivers. I feel they have a very valuable contribution to make in terms of Covid 19

They are providing a very valuable service to those unfortunate people that have not learnt to cook, too lazy to cook, and those who enjoy eating cheap unhealthy food, i.e MacD's, KFC, Domino Pizza etc etc.

I have no wish to deprive these individuals of their livelihood, I would just like them to respect PUBLIC SAFETY and the LAW.

Keep us all safe and healthy, respect our right to use the Footpath for people using it as it was designed for!

The pavement, footpath was not designed nor designated for Scooters or Cars, that is what Road was designated for, the reason they pay road tax and insurance!!!!, maybe this is a shock to some.

Having driven around some neighbouring Boroughs today I can categorically assure residents of Wembley that this is not happening in Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham who adopt a zero tolerance approach to this kind of behaviour. I would hope Brent could do the same.

I look forward to seeing enforcement being carried out and actioned accordingly with consistency until the issue is resolved permanently, and acknowledged that this is unacceptable in BRENT, and not part of our Culture a trusth that in a few weeks there will be a dramatic difference to our High Road and the safety of Wembley Central Residents.

Kind regards
Jaine Lunn

Anonymous said...

Off topic: any update on the two court decisions??

Paul Lorber said...

Jaine is absolutely right. Pavements are and should be for pedestrians. It is the responsibility of the various takeaway businesses to ensure that their bike riders are properly trained and that they respect the fact that pedestrians have priority. There should be NO riding of the bikes on the pavement and they should be only switched on once they have been pushed off the pavement and onto the road. It is time for the Council to step in and enforce the rules here if the businesses do not sort it out.