Wednesday 17 March 2021

The battle against privatisation of Brent GP practices is going on right now

Brent CCG is discussing the takeover of two Brent practices t and appears unlikely to oppose. Join HERE

Nan Tewari has put this forward to the meeting which has just  started:

The PCCC of Brent CCG wishes to NOTE that in ratifying the consent as recommended by Officers of the North West London Collaboration, a number of events have occurred since the PCCC gave its in principle consent to the change of control of AT Medics Ltd in its Part 2 meeting in late 2020.

(a)   The 18 Feb 2021 letter confirming ‘change of control’ letter is written by Samantha Jones [CEO, President and Director of MH Services International Holdings (UK) Ltd] who became the new CEO, President and Director of AT Medics on 10 Feb 2021.

(b)   Samantha Jones’ statement that <the existing AT Medics GP directors remain actively involved at an executive level in the business> may give rise to adverse inference in its inaccuracy, and for the avoidance of doubt should be amended to correctly refer to 'the former AT Medics GP directors..........'. 

(c)   All the AT Medics GP directors resigned their directorships on 10 Feb 2021.

(d)   The AT Medics assurance questionnaire answer on 3 Dec 2020 on the question of staffing or management changes that may take place as a result of change of control, is a straightforward description of the standard TUPE status of the former GP directors and cannot be represented as being a specific ‘assurance’ of any other nature.

(e)   Information of public interest relating to Operose Health Ltd and MH Services International Holdings (UK) Ltd, deriving from Companies House financial records, that has come to the attention of the PCCC and its non-voting, Brent Council representatives, is summarised below.


As at 31 December 2019, the holding company for the UK group which Operose Health Ltd is part of, MH Services International Holdings (UK) Ltd, had creditors falling due within one year of nearly £49m (£48,999k).

It owed Centene Corporation £37.8m at the end of 2019, and then notes that it received a further £13m in 2020.  These debts are unsecured, but repayable on demand.

Its accounts (audited by KPMG) have been prepared on the basis that the UK group is a "going concern".  This is because Centene has advised “that it does not intend to seek repayment of the amounts due at the balance sheet date, for the period covered by the forecasts.”  Those financial forecasts only go up to 31 December 2021, and the accounts note that there is a risk that those forecasts may not be met.

The Director who made all the statements in connection with the holding company accounts to 32 December 2019, and signed them off, is not one of the company's UK resident directors, but Tricia Dinkelman.  Her address is given as Centene Plaza, 7700 Forsyth Blvd., St Louis, Missouri, MO-63105.

That is also the address of Centene Corporation, which is a US company registered on the New York Stock Exchange, reg. 42-1406317.

The money which the UK group owes to Centene Corporation has not come directly from Centene, but via its Delaware registered "affiliate", MHS Consulting International Inc.

The business model policies that are set in the accounts of the group holding company, MH Services International Holdings (UK) Ltd, indicate an intention to close non-profitable parts of its business.

From We Own IT


Anonymous said...

Is there a link to the WeOwnIt petition?

Nan Tewari said...

Thank you for publishing, Martin.

Notably, the only Brent Councillor who held the CCG's Primary Care Commissioning Committee to account was Gaynor Lloyd (Barnhill Ward).

One of the areas she floored the PCCC on, was whether they has followed the public procurement regulations in relation to the contract transfer.

She had to insist three times before they finally admitted that they had not.

As expected, the PCCC gutlessly ratified the Operose takeover. Presumably their own thinking faculties just go into suspense when orders are handed down to them from on high (NHS North West London).

The question now is whether the outgoing CCG decision makers acted lawfully?


Nan Tewari said...

The eagle-eyed amongst us will have spotted that the financial info at the end of my 'advice' to the PCCC is actually a word for word reproduction of Phili Grant's excellent financial analysis distilled from publicly available Companies House records.

At the meeting, the NHS North West London Officer said, lamely, they had had had to 'queue' for their due diligence questions to be answered by Companies House. Seriously....??

Anonymous said...

All GPs are privatised. They opted out of the NHS at its creation.

Martin Francis said...

Hi Anon (18th March 09.46) they are not profit-making commercial entities. Useful article here: