Thursday 4 March 2021

Nature carries on despite the pandemic - frogspawn spotted

 I spotted this frogspawn earlier this week when walking in Fryent Country Park.  It is the first I have seen in the park this year and it is a little later than usual. It came after the few days of warmer weather when the presence of herons in the park indicated amphibian activity. 

This was in the pond at the Kingsbury end of the park close to the Gaderbrook.  The ponds are pretty full at the moment, although past the peak when they were overflowing in the meadows and a contrast to the period last year when many (including this one) were completely dried up.


Toadspawn can also be found in the park and is laid in long 'necklaces' while newts attach their eggs singly on vegetation in the ponds.

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