Tuesday 16 March 2021

Surprise opening of Amazon Fresh in Wembley Park


A new store in Wembley Park,  that opened near the Stadium and the Arena today, was revealed as one of the first Amazon Fresh stores in the UK.

Customers use an app to shop which totals up their purchases automatically without the use of a checkout - either automated or human operated.

For those people who like human beings and may have reservations about Amazon there are Sainsbury's and Co-op stores nearby.


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Jaine Lunn said...

Just tried it today, no more expensive than Tesco Local or Sainsbury local, quick and easy good experience, even had very decent Coffee £2.30 and Sandwiches. Good selection of fresh food, ready to cook meals, Alcohol and Wines same price as regular supermarkets. Received my receipt by email, think they on to a winner here.