Saturday 6 March 2021

Support for trade unionism wins through at Green Party Conference


Two vital motions were passed at Green Party Conference today with overwhelming majorities:


Winning Over Workers is Crucial to Fighting Climate Change


To win the fight against climate change the GPEW needs to link up with workers and trade unions to promote a Just Transition to a sustainable green economy. The GPEW needs to send the message that it supports workers. 




The Green Party of England & Wales (GPEW) believes that winning over workers and Trade Unions is crucial if we are to have any chance to fight climate change and save the planet. In the UK, 6.35 million people (23.4% of employees) are members of the trade unions as well as millions who want to be in trade unions but are pressured not to. 


The GPEW need to win as many of these people to the idea of a Just Transition to a green economy. To not take this seriously would be a serious mistake in the struggle to save the planet. 


The position of Trade Union Liaison Officer was agreed by Conference a number of years ago and GPEW does have a good record of active support of workers struggles and supports the repeal of anti-Trade Union Laws. The development of Green New Deals and Just Transition in the trade union movement reflects this progress. So, it would be very concerning if the party is now seen to relegate workers. Removing the TULO position and/or not including the Green Party Trade Union group would suggest that workers are seen as not being important in our work. 




That the GPEW builds on the position of the Trade Union Liaison Officer (TULO) and the Green Party Trade Union group in any reorganisation mandated by its own democratic procedures. 


That the GPEW ensures that workers and a Just Transition are centre stage in policy formation in respect to our number one remit to save the planet and building the green economy. 



Emergency Motion on Pay Rise for NHS Health and Care Workers


The government proposed 1% pay rise for NHS staff is correctly being described as ‘a kick in the teeth’ and ‘an insult’ by workers and their unions (4/3/2021). NHS workers have often reached beyond their contractual duties to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, at great personal risk and sacrifice.


With NHS staff nearing the end of a 3-year pay deal, this conference resolves to support the Moving Forwards on NHS Pay campaign led by fourteen trade unions (including Unite, Unison, GMB, RCN) representing over 1.3 million members, to secure a fair pay rise for all health service workers. We believe if the government can award lucrative contracts to ministerial cronies, it can afford a decent pay award for health workers.


This conference also resolves to support the demands of the grassroots NHS Workers Say No to Public Sector Pay Inequality and Nurses United campaigns, including a restorative 15% pay rise across the board for all NHS workers on ‘Agenda for Change’ contracts and for outsourced services in the NHS to be brought back in house.


Conference urges Green Party spokespeople and councillors to support the fight for a fair pay rise for health service workers, and to make links with these campaigns locally, regionally and nationally. We urge Green Party members to engage actively with NHS workers’ independent trade unions in supporting these campaigns.


We instruct our MP, Peers and Leaders to write to the NHS Pay Review Body and make it clear that applause is not enough.

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