Friday 12 March 2021

Brent MPs and councillors to join vital meeting on the Cladding Scandal March 16th


Leaseholders across the country have found themselves trapped in their homes as a result of the cladding and building crisis in the wake of the Grenfell fire.

In order to sell their homes leaseholders have to have an EWS1 certificate and this is not available if the building does not meet safety checks - they find that their home has no value.

While trapped in their homes they find themselves confronted with huge bills as the freeholder/management agency and the builders do not accept liability for the defect remediation. In addition they may also have to pay for additional meanwhile costs of a 'waking watch' fire marshalls engaged 24/7 to monitor the safety of the building.

The situation has left many leaseholders desperate and depressed but they have got themselves organised and are fighting back.

 Leaseholders in Brent and Camden have been in the forefront of the campaign to persuade the government to take urgent action on the situation. 

Join the meeting on Tuesday March 16th 6-7pm APPLICATION 



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