Sunday 19 December 2021

Did you try the Wembley Christmas Picture Quiz? Here are the answers!

 Thank you to everyone who had a go at last weekend’s Wembley history picture quiz. It seemed to get quite a few people viewing it, and I hope you enjoyed it. 


Were there a few (or more?) of the pictures that you didn’t know the answers to? If that was the case, now is your chance to discover some new details about Wembley’s past. I’ve also included several “links”, that will provide more information, if you want it:-



If you were feeling competitive, you can now see how many of the twenty questions you got the right answers to.

There are no prizes, but if you want to publish your score (just to let others know how well, or badly, you did), you are welcome to add a comment below – only honest claims, please!

Philip Grant, 

Wembley History Society.

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