Thursday 23 December 2021

80 year old twins show the way on protecting the local environment


Anne and Margie at work in Salmon Street

I came across Anne and Margie in Salmon Street, Kingsbury this morning and paused for a chat.

The 80 year old twins have formed the AM Litter Patrol to pick up litter  in the shrubby verges of Salmon Street and invite others to join them.

Their placard says, 'I'm only 80, you figure it out!' suggesting that if 80 year olds can do their bit for the environment then others can too.

The initiative emerged from the twins' concern about climate change and the impact it will make on the next generations:

We didn't realise at the time that we, unknowingly, were contribution to climate change along with the rest of our generation through rampant consumerism. We know now and want to play our part in preserving and improving the environment.

Like many others who take part in litter-picking they are stunned by the efforts people go to in order to avoid disposing of litter responsibly and amazed at the variety of objects that they pick up in the tangle of vegetation along Salmon Street.

Amidst the gloom of a grey winter's day and pandemic concerns it was a reat treat to meet Anne and Margie. Thank you.

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