Friday 17 December 2021

You have until 5pm today to comment on the redesignation of the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum


 The not terribly clear Kilburn Neighbourhood Area map on the council website


Brent and Camden residents have until 5pm this afternoon to respond to the consultation on the re-designation of the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum for another 5 years.  This will allow the Forum to go ahead with its Neighbourhood Plan.

South Kilburn was originally part of the Forum but was withdrawn after intervention of the South Kilburn Trust. This is rather puzzling given the number of planning issues on the estate covered in this blog, including open spaces and flooding concerns.

Redrawing of the area covered by the Forum is not part of this consultation.

From Brent Council Website LINK

Kilburn Neighbourhood Area and Forum

The Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum have applied to the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden to be formally re-designated as a neighbourhood forum. The Forum was first designated in 2016.  After five years in operation it must now re-apply to continue to be formally designated for a further five years. 

We are seeking views and comments on the application from residents and other interested stakeholders.

The application shows the Neighbourhood Area in which the Forum has applied to use their neighbourhood planning powers. Representations should consider whether the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum are appropriate to be re-designated.

To respond to the consultation please send your comments to: or to Paul Lewin, Planning Policy Team Leader, Brent Civic Centre, Engineer’s Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ. They must be received by the Council by 5pm on 17 December 2021.

Please also indicate if you wish to be notified of other London Borough of Brent planning policy consultations. Please note that we will make summaries of consultation responses received available on our website and potentially in our main office and libraries for public viewing.  We will not accept anonymous representations. We will show the name of any organisations that respond, but not those of individuals or any other personal information. Please see our privacy notice for more details.

The next steps

If both Councils approve the application, the Kilburn Neighbourhood Forum will be able to continue the preparation of a neighbourhood plan in their area. 

Once a neighbourhood plan has been through the usual statutory processes and is adopted, the policies contained in the plan will be used, alongside national policy, the London Plan and both boroughs’ planning policy documents, to make decisions on planning applications in the designated neighbourhood area.

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David Walton said...

Kilburn without South Kilburn where its mega population growth is and where its open 24/7 only park size park is?

We need Humptey Dumpty at N 10 to join Kilburn Major Town Centre back together again!